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We have made our school as comfortable as possible, perfect conditions for training.

We understand comfort is important and in our school you will find comfortable large beds and clean furnishings; every room has a shower with hot water; every room has a western toilet and wifi access. I know that these are things that you are used to at home, but in China, particularly here in Dengfeng, they are not enabled by default. Now you can imagine how it is hard to live without all these things, but don't worry because now we have everything you excpected to find here.

Double room from ¥150 per day

Air conditioning, WIFI, personal desk

We have a limited number of double rooms. Why?

This is due to the fact that we want to keep the comfort in a room and during trainings. After all, this way we limit the maximum number of students, and therefore we can pay enough attention to every student.


beds room


rooms available

Triple room From ¥150 / per day

Air conditioning, WIFI

Triple accommodation is the same in the level of comfort

Similarly to the double rooms, there is a separate toilet and shower with a hot water, clean furnishings, and there is air conditioning. Also in the room is a wireless internet for connection with relatives and friends. Since we are a martial arts school,  I want to point your attention to the fact that we consider our bedroom to be more like a home, and not just a room. Wу will try to accommodate students in rooms as per their request, butit can be difficult in popular seasons such as summer so please reserve as soon as possible.


beds room


rooms available