Message from Shifu Shi Yangchen to future students

Message from Shifu Shi Yangchen to future students 1

I can imagine how difficult it can be to choose a school to learn kung fu, especially if it’s your first time. No matter what anyone says, the most important thing in choosing a school is not the school itself, but you.

I have been living in Dengfeng since I was little, so I know a lot about schools and masters, and my advice from my heart is to choose a school so that you can understand the words of the master. No matter how good the master is, you need to understand or feel him.

At first glance you will hear simple things, but you should not forget about them: do not expect any school to reveal the secrets on the web or online practice, it may open them, but in the first step it should not occupy your mind. Be patient, study the materials quietly, talk to the schools and try to get a feel for where you want to go more, what you like and what you don’t like. The biggest secret to share: be calm in your choices and try to feel.

Choosing a school as well as choosing a master is your path, so here you should listen only to yourself and not take the opinions of others to heart. We will give you the full picture and hope this will help you choose a Shaolin Kung Fu school in Dengfeng.

My martial arts experience began at an early age. Despite the fact that we had a difficult situation in the country, there was poverty and I didn’t have much choice about what to do, I always wanted to learn kung fu, I liked it. I feel good with kung fu, I feel in my place.

Before I first visited another country as a teenager for a demonstration, I trained non-stop for more than 15 years and the practice hasn’t stopped today.

Beginning in 2002, on invitations from various countries, my group and I traveled with the Shaolin Kung Fu show. This is how the first foreign students and the practice of foreign languages appeared: English, German, and French. I have taught for foreign students in countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Turkey, the United States, and others.

Portrait of Shifu Shi Yanchen on the opening ceremony of new a school in the town of Qinghe, Hebei

My brothers, everyone has their own way. All of us have found our calling and use the skills we have acquired. In every city, in every country, there is a master. We carry the Shaolin culture of both martial arts and Chan Buddhism around the world.

I feel my calling to be at home in China. To be surrounded by my native Songshan Mountains. That’s why my school took place here, near the Shaolin Temple. Most of my students are children from my native village, where I was born.

I never invited foreign students, you all came only through my travels and personal acquaintances. You still come, thank you.

We used to see each other when you wanted to improve your skills, but now you come to improve the skills of your students. I certainly remember how we started, and inside I feel joy. Your students don’t know me personally yet, but only from your words, so I decided to open my page for you. I decided it was a good start to get to know me in the way you are used to.

Now the mail works well, if you do not understand something you can write to me personally through the feedback form.

Shifu Shi Yanchen

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  1. Hi, I would like to join your school kids and parents .experience 1 month Tagou Shaolin.please give me your adress In shaolin

  2. Hi my name isRaymond, I am from America. I am very interested in your school and would like to ask 2 questions, I would like to attend March 2020. Could I reserve attendance 1year in advance? On top of base rate are there other teaching expenses that could increase my learning ability, such as personal lessons? The small group training sounds best for me because I have no prior kung fu experience.

    1. Hi Raymond, I have already answer you by email. Thank for your requset! Hope see you soon. -Shifu.

  3. 你好師傅嚴妍辰。我的名字是康斯坦丁,我今年27歲。我來自俄羅斯,我住在雅庫茨克市。我想知道是否可以在免費的基礎上與您一起長期學習?我想住在你的學校,學習功夫藝術。