/ / / Hand-pick from 7 to 89 days

Hand-pick from 7 to 89 days


Short-term training program with a progressive discount scale. We want you to train as long as possible with us. Just pick dates and feel free to book.

This position only available to book from 5 days to 89 days program. If you want to stay longer please choose long term booking item. Booking less than 5 days is not possible, thank you for understanding.

Discounts follow this formula:
number of days is cost /per day
5-6 days is 360,00/day
7-13 days is 342,86/day
14-20 days is 257,14/day
21-29 days is 238,10/day
30-89 days is 200/day




Basic recommended learning course is 30 days. Course starts each month except for December, January and February. Approach for newcomers is discussed separately

Day schedule:

According to Shaolin monastery tradition


Triple room. Stable provision of hot water, internet access with seldom delays


Programs from 5 days 1 month, from CNY 1800

the Registration fee is 16.6% of the full course fee is payable before departure by transferring to PayPal

Additional costs: Training shoes for about 30 yuan, pocket money and Souvenirs.