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Annual course of skill training for those who practice Shaolin kungfu (wushu)

Learning areas:

  • Learning new Shaolin kungfu complexes: taolu fist, taolu with a weapon, taolu duilian;
  • Thorough study of movements;
  • Applying of complexes.


Basic recommended learning course is 30 days. Course starts each month except for December, January and February. Approach for newcomers is discussed separately


According to Shaolin monastery tradition

Definitely suits you if:

If you wish to increase study pace and load
If you wish to master those Shaolin complexes which cannot be easily learned in your home city
If you wish to learn subtleties of known complexes and how to apply those properly
If you wish to learn rare or not well known complexes
If you wish to try austere, simple way of living in the tradition of Shaolin monastery


Triple room with ensuite shower and european bathroom. Stable provision of hot water, internet access with seldom delays

Course includes:

  • Three meals a day (a choice of meat meal or without meat in Buddhist tradition)
  • Daily studies with Master Shi Yanchen
  • Studies last for 8-10 hours daily except for Sunday
  • Special access to Shaolin monastery two hours prior to opening with an option to take photos without tourists
  • A visit to Shi Yanchen master’s mentor, monk Shi Yonggan (释永乾) in his cell, with an option to ask questions and receive answers (in Chinese)
  • A visit to Faivang monastery which is considered a younger brother of the very first Buddhist monastery in the city of Luoyang, Baimas
  • An opportunity to visit nearest cities of Luoyang, Cai and others with excursions available by prior arrangement (at extra charge)




Admission fee of 20% is to be paid via transfer as deposit before the trip the rest of Course fee is to be paid at the place in CNY (RMB)
Course fee for one calendar month is 6000 CNY (RMB)
Course fee for two weeks is 3600 CNY (RMB)

Additional expenses:

Training sneakers – about 20 Yuan, pocket money and money on souvenirs


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