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The school is located in the vicinity of Xuchang, Henan province — the nearest airport is Zhengzhou Airport (CGO)

There is a large railway station in Xuchang, where high-speed trains stop. You can quickly and easily get here from almost any city in China.

Approximate travel time from some cities:

  1. Zhengzhou `20m
  2. Luoyang `1h20m
  3. Xian `2h50m
  4. Beijing `3h40m

The nearest airports

Usually, your journey begins with the purchase of plane tickets to one of the international airports in China, from the list above.

Examine the seasonal offers of airlines in your country and choose the best option.

If you have the possibility to spare no expense, take a ticket to Zhengzhou (CGO) and proceed to the next point.

Zhengzhou Airport (CGO)

This is one of the most convenient destinations because you will have to make the least number of transfers. This is especially important if you are coming to the country for the first time and do not speak Chinese.

There is a bus station right inside the airport. Follow the guide signs to “Long Distance Bus” and you will easily find it. Show this phrase at the ticket counter:

请,我想买票到许昌市 (One ticket to Xuchang)

The road takes about 1 – 1.5 hours. The ticket price is 40 yuan.

If you arrive at another airport

Almost every airport in China has a shuttle bus to the railway station of the city in which you are located. These buses are indicated on the guide signs as “Shuttle bus” or “Bus to railway”.

Try to purchase a train ticket to Xuchang in advance. The ticket always indicates the station of departure. Show it at the bus station and they will give advice, which bus goes to your station.

Ask in advance how long it will take to get to your station. Usually the trip lasts about 1 hour.

Upon arrival in Xuchang.

You can take a taxi from the railway station to the school in the Xuchang. The last time I used Didi taxi and the ride cost 50 yuan.

If you let us know your arrival time and train number in advance, we will meet you at the station. However, a taxi ride will definitely save time and nerves and will not cost so much. In this case, we will be sure that we will not miss each other, and look forward to waiting for you at school.

请,我想去到河街乡白兔寺 地址:白兔寺对面向东三十米

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