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Starter Guide

Step 1. Booking request and payment

We will check to see if there is a room for the dates available. If so, you pay the registration fee.
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Bookings are only valid if you pay the registration fee. Pay safely with PayPal. The fee is the same for all courses. The fee is payable per person.

This is not necessary, but only in this case, we can guarantee the place will be for you on the day of arrival, we will prepare everything you need, will be ready to meet at the airport and provide online support through chat and mail.

If you are already in China and are looking for a school of Shaolin kung fu right now, write to us and yes let’s come. The school will be happy to accept you if possible and without paying the registration fee.

Shi Yanchen School is not very large and is arranged in a family-like way, as required by Shaolin traditions.

If you have decided to begin your journey of learning kung fu with us, please let us know through the form in step one, or simply write a free-form letter.

We will make reservations for convenient dates for you and send instructions for prepayment and next steps, and We will check your clothing size to prepare a set of comfortable uniforms for classes.

After confirming your reservation and making a prepayment, you can be sure that we are waiting for you, preparing the transfer and monitoring the arrival of your flight.

Important points

  • The email address from which you send the application and pay the deposit must belong to you (you must have full access to it);
  • Once the registration fee has been paid, and we have seen it in our account, the reservation is considered complete;
  • Wait for the booking confirmation and proceed to step 2—visa processing and plane tickets.

Step 2. Visa processing

If the decision to come is made, and the deposit is paid, then you can follow the following procedure:

  1. Obtain a tourist visa, which is issued for one month, if longer is required, request a visa invitation from us for a study visa X2;
  2. Buy a plane ticket to Zhengzhou (郑州市). You must make sure that you have your visa in hand, you are responsible for your tickets yourself;
  3. Let us know about the purchased tickets;
  4. Pre-register on our website;
  5. We’ll meet you at the airport.

Refund of the deposit

Please pay the deposit only if you are sure you have made an informed decision about taking a kung fu class.

We do warn you that the deposit is non-refundable(read refund policy), but you can use it within a year. This means that if you change your plans for specific dates, you can always change the day of arrival by notifying us in advance.

The deposit is non-refundable, but is valid for one year until December 31 of the year of payment, with the possibility of changing the date of arrival.

Step 3. You have arrived at the school

The course fee is paid locally in Chinese Yuan CNY (RMB). You can find out about the cost on the tuition fee page. Read on how to get to school.

It is important to know that in China the master and visa systems for payment do not work. The cards of these systems can only be used to withdraw cash through an ATM. Therefore, payment by card at school is not possible by definition.

Please note, cards Master, Visa, etc. do not work in China. European and U.S. payment systems do not work in China. Do not count on their use.

How to change money in China?

You can withdraw money at an ATM from deposit cards. If possible, take several cards from different banks and use ATMs of China Bank or ICBC China Bank, which accurately accept foreign cards. Some banks do not charge additional fees for cash withdrawals in another country, please check this information with your bank.

You can take cash currency with you, you can buy Chinese yuan in the bank of your country in advance, because in China it is not always easy to change dollars or euros at a favorable rate. Be prepared for the fact that the exchange process is accompanied by time-consuming and additional paperwork.

We will accompany you to a place where you can exchange currency, where you can change any amount or we may accept payment in foreign currency. Make sure that you have enough cash yuan to get to us, for this you can change the money at the airport.

You can buy yuan in your city, withdraw it from an ATM, or exchange dollars upon arrival in China. In any situation if it’s possible we will assist and help you.


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