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Visa and insurance

Do I need an invitation?

You will need a visa to enter China. There is no visa on arrival in China so you must apply for a visa before arriving in China.

For short-term students, we recommend applying for a one-month Tourist Visa (L Visa) at the embassy (consular section) of the People’s Republic of China in your country. For Russia, such a Tourist Visa is issued without an invitation.

Students who would like to stay at our school for more than three months will need a study visa Type-X2, otherwise you can use a Business visa (M-type). Ask your friends how they apply for a visa to China or use the search. Each country has different conditions.

In common case he visa application center in your country can be found here: https://cova.mfa.gov.cn/

After confirming your reservation and paying the Deposit, if you need we will send you the invitation letter you need to apply for a visa for a long stay. Please clarify embassy or requests the Consulate do you need the original invitation or copy sended by email is enought, because original letter means additional costs for sending to you, which falls on you, as well as the waiting time. Please do not buy the plane ticket until you receive an invitation.

What type of insurance do I need?

We recommend purchasing extended health travel insurance , which covers injuries and illnesses from active sports. The school is not responsible for injuries sustained before, during, or after training.

There are no special vaccinations that need to be done to visit Shaolin.

If you are used to some kind of medicine, including painkillers, we recommend taking them with you. There are many local brands sold in China, including more effective ones, but sometimes it is more effective to take the usual pills.

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