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Clothing packing list

If you are planning on going to kung fu school, you are probably doing it for the first time. We will tell you what will be useful and what will be not relevant. For regular kung fu classes you can buy special shoes on arrival. The pair will cost 20-30 yuan.

For summer training you will need:

  • 2-3 sets of loose sportswear;
  • Comfortable running shoes (sneakers);
  • Sun bandana;
  • Light trousers or shorts for excursions and travel;
  • A pair of T-shirts;
  • Lightweight raincoat;
  • Underwear;
  • Shower shoes;
  • Towel.

If you are going to school during the cold season or in winter, pack extra:

  • Seasonable jacket and fleece hoodie
  • Thermal underwear for outdoor activities
  • Full zip track suit
  • Casual seasonable clothes in your spare time: jeans, sweater.

Everything you may need is sold in local stores. Perhaps tall people or the ones, who have a foot size starting from 45 EU, will find it very difficult to find clothing.

Bed linen will be waiting for you on the bed. You don’t need to bring it.