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Ticket price. Pocket money

If you plan to travel to Shaolin Temple from Beijing to Zhengzhou by train, it will be useful to know that the high-speed train takes 3 hours. The approximate ticket price is 330 RMB.

Train schedule can be found on the website trip.com

There are buses from Zhengzhou station to Dengfeng, where the Shaolin Temple is located. One-way ticket costs 30-50 RMB. Travel time is about 2 hours.

A bus is a convenient way to get to Dengfeng, but if you are traveling to China for the first time and do not know the language, then we can arrange a meeting at Zhengzhou Airport for 300 yuan — as much as a local would pay for a taxi.

Hot to get school

From Denfeng bus station to Shi Yanchen Shaolin kung fu school, you can take a taxi for about 200-300 RMB. You will remember that the school is located in another city called Ruzhou. If you want to come to the school directly, then you need to look for a train ticket to Ruzhou. We can meet you at the train station.

Please download the school’s business card. If you get lost, just show it to any passer-by and ask how to get to this place. They will help you.

Pocket money

Make sure that you have a small amount of cash for small expenses: markets and small shops in Dengfeng do not accept cards; ATMs are also not found at every turn, but you can count on them only if you have a debit card.

$150 – $200 per month will be enough for you to buy souvenirs, hygiene products, pay for tickets, snacks and drinks while going out in your free time

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