How to get Shaolin Temple in 2020

how to find Shaolin Temple on the map to start learning kungfu

Your trip to Shaolin begins with the purchase of plane tickets to one of the cities in China

Choose a flight that arrives on schedule in the morning: then you will have time to get to school on the same day, and you do not have to look for where to spend the night on the road.

The two most common routes are

The nearest major transportation hub to Shaolin is Zhengzhou City. It is convenient to immediately choose a direct or connecting flight to Zhengzhou.

  1. Flight ticket to Beijing code: BJS
  2. Flight ticket to Zhengzhou code: CGO

How to get to Shaolin temple from Beijing (BJS)

Beijing airportSubwayBeijing Railway Station
Beijing Railway StationTrainZhengzhou Railway Station
Zhengzhou Bus StationBusDengfeng Bus Station
Dengfeng Bus StationTaxiShaolin Temple

How to get to Shaolin temple from Zhengzhou (CGO)

Zhengzhou airportBy footAirport bus station
Zhengzhou Bus Stationby busDengfeng Bus Station
Dengfeng Bus StationTaxiShaolin Temple

What is the difference between routes through Beijing and Zhengzhou?

It’s cheaper to fly through Beijing, and it’s more convenient to fly through Zhengzhou, especially for those who are traveling for the first time: there is no transfer from the airport to the station and there is minimal communication in Chinese, but how are we recommending flying? In our experience, the best way is to fly to Zhengzhou with one change. About the transfer will be the information below. To learn more about the cost of the route, you can also refer to our article.

Since 2020, our school has been located in Zhuzhou, 60 km from Shaolin.

Please, if you are coming to our school, then download the school’s business card with the address. It can be shown to a passerby and he will help you with orientation and a short dictionary so that you can show prepared phrases, then I will understand you for sure and will certainly help.

It will be useful to everyone who goes for the first time! Especially for such students, we provide a transfer. We will help you to meet you at the airport for free if you choose a course of one month or more. For the rest, who chose a course lasting less than a month, or have already been with us, we will help organize a transfer from the airport for 300 yuan.

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