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How to find Shaolin kung fu school?

How to find Shaolin kung fu school?

I know how hard it must be to find a school to study kung fu, especially when you make this decision for the first time. The […]
invitation letter to accept practice in shaolin kungfu school

How to get a visa to China?

Entry into China is carried out under the visa regime, but the process of obtaining it is not very difficlult. Getting a visa for entering to […]

How to prepare for the trip to Shaolin

Dress code for trainings For sports, of course, loose cotton clothing is required. We will provide one free kit of the clothes. In addition, you can […]

How to get to Shaolin Temple

To get to Shaolin The first independent action: you need to fly to one of the cities of China. Below we examine the two most common […]
Питание и распорядок дня

The daily routine at the school of Shaolin kung fu

It is mainly composed of training time, meal time and rest time. From dusk till dawn, as precepts say. So, in the summer we usually wake […]
Chinese PhraseBook Essentials for those who are first time in China

Chinese PhraseBook Essentials for those who are first time in China

For the first time in China it is very difficult to say. In China almost nobody speaks English so we have prepared for you a few […]
The cost of the route to get Shaolin Temple

The cost of the route to get Shaolin Temple

The cost of travel to Shaolin. From what city to get faster and what is more convenient. If the tickets are not very profitable and you […]
Chan meditation, chi gong and Chinese tea

Chan meditation, chi gong and Chinese tea

shi yan chen with his shifu shi yong qian
Is your school affiliated with the monastery? I would like to train in a manner consistent with what my Shifu teaches
Therefore, in the end, it is important how you feel next to the master your heart beats as the masters or you are uncomfortable. What master do in different situations you also did or you do not like what he do in life. What he says you said the same words or are you that far from same point. It's really important to feel, not only know.
Lessons from Jet Li

Lessons from Jet Li

Well, for his thirty-year career in film, he did for martial arts as much as other actors did not dream of such a role. And he still answers the questions of life honestly.
zhengzhou shaolin festival 2018

Results of 12th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Kung Fu Festival 2018

This year's Wushu festival presents countries and regions from all five continents. The organizing Committee decided to invite more countries "Belt and road", increasing their number to 34. The age of the oldest of the athletes - participants-79 years, the youngest-2 years, the total number of Chinese and foreign teams — 240.

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