Warrior monk of Shaolin temple, 34th generation monks

“I feel called to be at home in China. To be surrounded by native mountain Songshan. Therefore, my school held here, near the Shaolin temple.”

Master Shi Yanchen
  • Fighting a Shaolin monk, Master Shi Yangcheng does kung fu 6 years;
  • Spotless owns 72 styles of kung fu and of the 18 kinds of weapons;
  • Since 2002, has traveled around the world with the show the Shaolin kung fu;
  • Taught students in Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, USA, Holland, and France;
  • Good knowledge of English, speaks French and German;
  • 2011 — master, a teacher in a private school in Dengfeng;
  • 2019 — a move the school to the Temple of Baitusi;
  • 2019 — warrior-monk in the temple of the Baitusi the city of Xuchang;
  • 2020 — located in Ruzhou Songshan Shaolin kungfu school.
Master Yanchen Shi, G. Dengfeng, 2017
Master Shi Yanchen, Dengfeng, 2017

Almost 10 years ago, Yanchen Shi became Shifu for 6 boys from his native village. Now treat the Master is already more than 700 people. Former students do not exist.

Word master (师父, shīfu) has no equivalent in Russian, and in European languages too.

Shifu is a Buddhist concept that brings together teachers and father. In the process of joint activities, conversations, meditation Shifu sends the disciples their experience, ideology, attitude to life, which comply with the principles of Zen Buddhism. He is an experienced and educated as a teacher, and strict, caring and attentive as a father.

As the light source, Shifu shows the student his own the right way, helps not to go astray. But not is the hand does not give ready-made recipes, and sends his mind and gives inner conviction that the path chosen is right.

Master Yanchen Shi and his school of Traditional Shaolin kung fu

Name Yanchen Shi, a Buddhist. The prefix “Chi” means that he received initiation into the Shaolin temple and has his spiritual master — Shifu. Transferring the experience and skill of the students, the teacher Yanchen Shi supports the Buddhist tradition of following lines of succession training.

You might be interested to know that there are no standards, strict rules and techniques for learning control of the body and different kinds of weapons. There is direction, There is a common thread in the winding process which makes possible the attainment of kung fu in Shaolin.

  • During the practice of complex Balancing
  • With my Shifu, Shi Yong Qian
  • Photo session after a speech in new York
  • During practice calligraphy

Conventionally, today there are more than thousands of styles of kung fu, and they continue to be added. Every martial artist brings something of their own. And from habitual movements and ligaments, there is a new kung fu style as well as comes a new recipe in the kitchen of the talented chef of the usual set of products.

How to transfer experiences, methods and interpretation techniques — a private matter of the Master. Therefore, the high school and Academy of kung fu is not quite traditional for teaching the culture of Shaolin and Chan Buddhism, although a major educational complexes is also quite around the monastery.

The monks of the monastery prefer to train in solitude or in society, the closest disciples, and always has been. Therefore, the school, which was created by Master Shi Yangcheng lives on the family rules and traditional canons, this is its value. For everyone who comes to school, it father and teacher. He lives like a real father, with his family at school, and does not come as a coach several times a week.

Once coming to the Shaolin school for learning kung fu by master Shi Aneno, you become part of a big family of pupils who do not lose touch with each other, continue to communicate after you leave school.

If you want:

  • Join life Shaolin monk and his disciples;
  • To obtain a totally new experience;
  • To push the boundaries of ideas about the possibilities of his body and spirit.

Leave a request with your wishes and book a plane ticket. The school will take care of the rest.

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