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Annually master Shi Yanchen help for students to find programs of study Traditional Shaolin kung-fu. The programs do not limit the Shaolin style of teaching, but only have an introductory character. After reviewing the main directions you will understand how to choose and understand whether we are right for you.

Annual course of

skill training

тренировка пьяный кулак возле озера

Learning areas:

  • Learning new Shaolin kungfu complexes: taolu fist, taolu with a weapon, taolu dujilan;
  • Thorough study of movements;
  • Applying of taolu
  • Definitely suits you if:

  • If you wish to increase study pace and load
  • If you wish to master those Shaolin complexes which cannot be easily learned in your home city
  • If you wish to learn subtleties of known complexes and how to apply those properly
  • If you wish to learn rare or not well known complexes
  • If you wish to try austere, simple way of living in the tradition of Shaolin monastery
  • Study programs 1

    Summer course of sanitation

    For adults

    в любом возрасте можно тренироваться а взрослым чем старше мы становимся тем обязательнее не пропускать тренировки

    Learning areas:

  • Traditional Shaolin methods of physical and spiritial training
  • Chan meditation
  • A choice of Qigong or Tai Chi learning
  • Lessons of Chinese with a native speaker (optional)
  • Sinology (optional)
  • Definitely suits you if:

  • If you are tired of the city;
  • If you alternate active recreation with relaxing;
  • If you want to see from the inside the routine of a Shaolin monk;
  • If you want to get rid of the accumulated thoughts and learn how to create (regenerate) the energy of your body;
  • If you are interested in Eastern culture and culture of China in particular;
  • If you want to try an ascetic lifestyle
  • Тренировка шаолиньское кунг-фу монах бежит по стене

    Summer course of physical and cultural development

    for children

    Definitely suits you if:

  • If you or your child are interested in martial arts and/or Shaolin kungfu
  • If there is interest in learning Chinese
  • If you or your child have started to learn Chinese and want to consolidate skills in live communication
  • If you want active and versatile development for your child, for example, during school holidays
  • Study programs 2
    ученики школы мастера ши янчена начинают занятие каллиграфией

    Learning areas:

  • Traditional Shaolin methods of physical and spiritial preparation
  • Basic physical training
  • Lessons of Chinese with a native speaker
  • Sinology
  • General



    Basic recommended learning course is 30 days. Course starts each month except for December, January and February. Approach for newcomers is discussed separately

    Study programs 3
    Study programs 4


    According to Shaolin monastery tradition


    Triple room. Stable provision of hot water, internet access with seldom delays

    Study programs 5
    Sun Meng Yu на съемках фильма и подготовке кунг фу шоу в городе Кайфын


    Programs from one week to one year, from CNY 2400

    the Registration fee is 16.6% of the full course fee is payable before departure by transferring to PayPal

    Additional costs: Training shoes for about 20 yuan pocket money and Souvenirs.

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