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1 month «Bold step»


In the kung fu schools in your city, you train 2-3 times a week, in the Shi Yanchen school in China — three times a day, you get a higher load but also improve faster.

In one month, you get the same progress as in your city for a whole year of measured training.

During this time, you will gain basic knowledge of traditional Shaolin kung fu and master the methods of physical and spiritual training:

  • Learning basic movements, steps and swings, punches, palms
  • One traditional Shaolin complex (taolu) “bare hands”
  • Training of flexibility, stability and endurance
  • Simple weapons: staff, sword
  • One traditional Shaolin complex (taolu) with weapon
  • Learning complexes qigong, taichi, chan meditation according your interests
  • Chinese language, calligraphy, Chinese studies according your interests
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