180 days

6 month «Part of the family»


In addition to what is described in the one-month course, you will be able to improve other skills and forms.

Develops dexterity of steps, force and speed of blows, accuracy of movements, coordination of the body. You improve, learn the theory and customs of Shaolin kung fu and learn much.

At this level the correct form of hand movement develops, and the body’s reactions become rapid. The body learns to move as a whole, the eyes follow the movement of the hand, the steps light and precise, power and power are thrown out by the stream at exactly the right moment.

Training is more individual character and adjusted to the student’s skills and progress.

  • Three-four traditional forms (taolu) of the Shaolin fist
  • Styles mantis, eagle, tiger
  • Traditional weapons: Shaolin straight sword, Shaolin spear, Damo staff, southern broadsword, double broadswords, Shaolin palm flower sword, nine-link chain
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