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I trained in Shaolin Gong Fu for several years and had the chance to know Shi Yan Chen and the school coaches since 2005. I was there the day the school opened with six students and I was very impressed about the quick growing of the school in recent years. The reasons are top level teachings techniques, friendly atmosphere, great staff and Shi Yan Chen charming personality. One of the best choices to live to the fullest the experience of studying traditional Shaolin Quan or the most spectacular Shaolin Wushu, according to one's inclinations and interests.



I went there first time one months. Then again. Then again, with always the sensation that it was too short. Next year I finally decided to go there 3 months.



We can learn modern and spectacular gongfu and in same time real traditional gongfu not made in wushu way. Before in other school in Dengfeng all the time the traditional forms was empty of meaning and the movement was always too big. tomas-and-friend

Master Shi Yanhao


少林寺武僧团.团队成员很多,不一样的师父教导,不一样的感悟和经验.我希望我的学生可以在不一样环境下学习,当然 释延晨师父,教学方式和少林传统功夫经验积累很常丰富,这是我选择作为印尼少林修的交流培训中心

David (12 y.o.)


I enjoyed everything, the rooms, the food and the lessons especially writing chinese characters.



Hello, I'm Carlos from Spain and I was trained with the Shifu Xiang Feng, that was one of more beautiful experience in my life... Each training day is like military, but the place is almost if you are with your family, the people kind with you like brother... I just can say that was amazing, I never would change this, I was very happy there, thanks Shifu.

Ley Benjamin


Ley Benjamin I find the school after doing lot of researchs on internet and send emails to a lot of schools. Two people which went here answered to me and tell me this is a little new school (at this time it was) so not a lot of foreigners come to this school (we were two). So I choose it because wanted to practice with chinese, to be totally in a new environnement. I really like this school for the atmosphere, it is like a family, and it is a good wushu atmosphere. And the teachers really care about their students. So I went 2 times for this reason to this school, first time 2 months and second time one month.


New Zeland

Learning kungfu has been a childhood dream. When a friend first took me to visit Chen shifu, I enjoyed the family environment and the fact that his wife also knew kungfu.
For the past 2 years my stay has been a brief 1 and 2weeks course.
I appreciate the one on one teaching as well as the class workouts. The games and performance nights gives each one a chance to overcome fear and hone their talents