Three main principles of our school 1

Nepotism and individual approach

  • Shifu Shi Yangcheng becomes a teacher and mentor to everyone;
  • Students live together, know each other. Help and support;
  • The friendly atmosphere of a large family gives energy for training.

Introduction to the spirit of Shaolin

  • Life according to the canons of “Shaolin precepts” — training from dawn to dusk;
  • Meditation in the ancient Buddhist monastery of the white rabbit;
  • The wisdom, power, and the acceptance of the world as a basis for inner harmony.
Three main principles of our school 2
Three main principles of our school 3

Physical development and spiritual growth

  • Small groups help to focus and make fewer errors.
  • Takes into account the physical condition and aspirations of each student;
  • You study Chinese, learn about Chinese culture.
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