Mission: to impart knowledge to Shaolin kungfu from master to apprentice.

Goal: the Preservation and cultivation of traditions of Shaolin and Chinese culture. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle: a strong harmonious for the body, spirit and mental balance.

Where else to learn kungfu, if not in Shaolin? Can arrive in Zhengzhou, Henan province, to get a taxi to Dengfeng (登封, Dēngfēng) and connects to the monastery. And discover that no one within it to teach you kungfu is not going to. Shaolin is not a mysterious closed abode high in the mountains, where monks practiced a secret technique. It’s a noisy place pretty commercial that the day is visited by about 10,000 people.

Most likely, you won’t even take a picture without other figures in the frame, not to mention to find a place for meditation.

By the way, Before the trip to China is not worth spending time to “to learn” English. You are unlikely to hear in Dengfeng something other than “Ha-lo” and “bye-bye” on it. But to watch a few movies about martial arts would be beneficial: culture of communication between student and master of kungfu often shows quite authentic and certainly will be useful.The most wise option to begin your journey in kungfu is to get acquainted with a small school of master Shi Yanchen right now on our site. Book your place on the appropriate dates and come where you will have to wait and where will you happy.

The school of kungfu in China on the territory of the ancient Buddhist monastery

Traditional Shaolin Kungfu Learning Center of Master Shi Yan Chen works with 2011 and earlier was at the foot of the mountain Songshan near the Shaolin temple. At its opening came the monks of Shaolin school blessed, and sanctified the altar, the figure of Guan Yu in front of the entrance.

In the spring of 2019, the school had to move inland province Henan, in the vicinity of the ancient city of Ruzhou (汝州市). This move was a difficult choice, but the goal is to preserve the authenticity and traditions of kungfu was achieved. Maybe now we can say that the school has all the usual European amenities, but here it is not a goal, I want you feel it.

Traditional Shaolin kungfu center</br>of master Shi Yanchen 1

A little before that, last year in 2019, we spent about six months in the city of Xuchang at the white rabbit temple. It was beautiful but the living conditions could not be improved, and constantly working trucks nearby pushed me to look for a new place Ruzhou city

The monastery of the White Rabbit occupies a territory of 7.5 acre is first mentioned in ancient manuscripts as existed in the 502 year. The monks of the White Rabbit, for centuries, have studied traditional Chinese medicine and practiced kungfu in these walls. SInce march November 2019 we are located in Ruzhou city.

To train where more than a thousand years perfected the mastery of wushu generation of monks is not the same thing what to practice taolu modern Playground with rubberized coating. Through the prism of own experiences, the pupil is included in the the internal state of great masters of the past who trained in the walls monastery. Energy of previous generations gives Chi to achieve inner realization of the essence of kungfu.

Training hard and full immersion in yourself

On school and monastery are equipped athletic fields for classes and meditations. Cook a traditional healthy food for students and run a household the mother and father of the wife of the master, and the chef — it aunt. Two children also live here, Shifu, and his wife helps of qigong and Taiji (Taichi).

Students live in a monastic or on-site which now officially takes school. Here it is:

  • Shower with hot water;
  • European toilet;
  • Fairly good Wi-Fi;
  • Washing machine;
  • Tea table;
  • Facilities for practicing calligraphy.

Elite is our school of learning kungfu?

This question is pointless to ask in China. Exclusivity — in the tradition and domesticity in the deep spiritual development according to the canons of “Shaolin precepts”, careful attention master: without words, through the action “from heart to heart” as they say here.

The school is open to students of all ages and sports training all students engaged directly with Shifu Shi Yanchen and study program authentic Shaolin kungfu, taking into account the duration of stay.

Think, read, ask, compare and make choice heart: it can’t fail.

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