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Cultural classes in China 1

Cultural classes in China

In addition to language classes, there is cultural classes that you can also try, but we do not talk about it much so that you do not have unnecessary expectations. We live according to the length of daylight so a lot changes from time to time. Of the students who were trained by us, they...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/12-characteristics-of-the-daoist-sage/ <![CDATA[12 Characteristics of the Daoist Sage]]> Mon, 01 Jun 2020 12:55:22 +0000
12 Characteristics of the Daoist Sage

12 Characteristics of the Daoist Sage

I — Adaptability The sage is adaptable, he is mentally flexible. He does not insist upon a certain direction to take, in whatever he does. He goes with the flow, he is creatively ‘undirected’ and ‘unintentional’ for he does not believe in what nowadays is called a ‘purposeful life.’ He questions that there is something...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/empty-power-qigong/ <![CDATA[“Empty Power” – 10 quotes from the book about Qigong]]> Mon, 01 Jun 2020 12:35:34 +0000
girls play ancient soccer for empty power-yanchenwuguan's blog

“Empty Power” – 10 quotes from the book about Qigong

“Empty power” (kong jin,空劲) — Paul Don calls his book which he published in 2006. This book is very curious because we all know the sceptical attitude towards any mystical force in martial arts. especially foreigners who are into MMA and so on. Already in the preface, the author literally touches a nerve: “Can a...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/taijiquan-for-health-and-longevity/ <![CDATA[Taijiquan classes for health and longevity]]> Sat, 22 Feb 2020 14:25:40 +0000
woman practice taichi in the bamboo forest

Taijiquan classes for health and longevity

The approach to the treatment of diseases in Western and Eastern medicine is fundamentally different. If in the West usually study and treat a diseased organ or organ system, in the East the disease is considered as a violation of the balance of Yin and Yang energies. And to restore health, Chinese doctors consider it...

You’re a very helpful site; couldn’t make it without ya!

Thank you. you feedback is important to us

https://yanchenwuguan.com/how-to-get-to-shaolin-temple/ <![CDATA[How to get Shaolin Temple in 2021]]> Tue, 04 Feb 2020 12:59:00 +0000
How to get Shaolin Temple in 2021 2

How to get Shaolin Temple in 2021

Your journey to Shaolin begins with the purchase of plane tickets to one of the cities of China. Choose a flight that arrives on schedule in the morning: then you will have time to get to school on the same day, and you do not have to look for where to spend the night on...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/the-qigong-what-and-why/ <![CDATA[The Qigong. What is it and why it useful]]> Thu, 25 Jul 2019 22:05:55 +0000
qigong practice breath energy calm blog yanchenwuguan

The Qigong. What is it and why it useful

The history of qigong as a harmonious complex, promoting healing and prolonging life, counts more than 1500 years. It is believed that the treatise on breathing techniques and exercises for the concentration of the consciousness has left the father of Zen Buddhism, the Indian monk Bodhidharma after 9 years of meditation in the Songshan mountains...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/shaolin-kung-fu-certification/ <![CDATA[Shaolin kung fu certification]]> Tue, 23 Jul 2019 10:54:04 +0000
процесс получения сертификата в школе кунг-фу в китае

Shaolin kung fu certification

Traditional Shaolin kung fu was historically not had stages, levels, grades and any certificates and diplomas, artificially marking skill of the student. The kung fu fighter never competed with those with whom studied together. He always tried to be above themselves yesterday and compared their achievements only with what he had learned in hour, day,...

Hello ?

I hope all is well  .

I am  Georges from Montreal in Canada.

I would be interested in coming to study at your school in Shaolin temple from the 4th to the 8th April 2020.

I would like some information on how to come to your school and the letter of invitation to come.

I will land in zhengzou Airport and would need pick up at the Airport and return .

Thank you and I’m waiting for your news.



Dear Georges Jovin,

Many thanks for your comment.

April in good month all bookings is available. For 5 days course tuition is 1800 RMB and invitation letter provided after depositing. For depositing you can use paypal account $45 and on arrival 1500 RMB

To meet your expectations I must say that we are not in a monastery right now. My student posted photos here with a story about separation and educational reform in Dengfeng. So this is a reason we have to move in first step to Xuchang city and a week ago to Ruzhou 汝州市

SO you have to decide what is important for you visit temple or study shaolin kung fu. If you want to decide practice shaolin kung fu instead of be a traveler you can join to me and my students. Don’t hesitate to right down your thoughts I understand if you have question.


https://yanchenwuguan.com/to-start-training-shaolin-kung-fu-in-dengfeng/ <![CDATA[To start training Shaolin Kung fu in Dengfeng]]> Mon, 22 Jul 2019 08:25:22 +0000
To start training Shaolin Kung fu in Dengfeng 3

To start training Shaolin Kung fu in Dengfeng

You have decided that kung fu classes in Shaolin — what you need? Your path lies in Dengfeng. The town of Dengfeng (登封, dēngfēng) is located in the Central part of China, in Henan province and lies at the foot of one of the five sacred mountains of China — Songshan (嵩山; sōngshān), on its...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/rules-of-nutrition-when-training-kung-fu-in-china/ <![CDATA[Rules of nutrition when training kung fu in China]]> Mon, 22 Jul 2019 05:08:13 +0000
Rules of nutrition when training kung fu in China 4

Rules of nutrition when training kung fu in China

Unusual dishes and cooking secrets that would help to be the kung fu master, does not exist. However, when you train intensively, your body and brain should have enough nutrients and energy, so still the diet during classes can be called special. Many Chinese principles of food combinations is widely spread around the world and...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/an-address-from-shifu-shi-yanchen-to-future-students/ <![CDATA[An address from Shifu Shi Yanchen to future students]]> Sun, 21 Jul 2019 10:12:10 +0000
An address from Shifu Shi Yanchen to future students 5

An address from Shifu Shi Yanchen to future students

I know how hard it must be to find a school to study kung fu, especially when you make this decision for the first time. The most important part in choosing a school of Kung Fu is not the school itself, but you. I have been living in Dengfeng since my childhood and my advice...



Hi my name isRaymond, I am from America. I am very interested in your school and would like to ask 2 questions, I would like to attend March 2020. Could I reserve attendance 1year in advance? On top of base rate are there other teaching expenses that could increase my learning ability, such as personal lessons? The small group training sounds best for me because I have no prior kung fu experience.

Hi Raymond, I have already answer you by email. Thank for your requset! Hope see you soon. -Shifu.

Hi, I would like to join your school kids and parents .experience 1 month Tagou Shaolin.please give me your adress In shaolin

Dear Soobash. We are located right under the Songshan mountains. Check the contact page for details. If you have a plan to join us then please use our arrival manual here For any details I write write to email.

https://yanchenwuguan.com/how-to-choose-a-kung-fu-school-in-a-chinese-monastery/ <![CDATA[How to choose a kung fu school in a Chinese monastery]]> Fri, 19 Jul 2019 22:55:30 +0000

How to choose a kung fu school in a Chinese monastery

Since then, as Shaolin stopped belong only to the monks and became the property of the Republic of China, as well as the object of pilgrimage for thousands of tourists, the nearby town of Danfan turned into center for the development of martial arts Shaolin style, as well as psychophysical practices: qigong, tajiquan and others....
https://yanchenwuguan.com/chan-meditation-chi-gong-and-chinese-tea/ <![CDATA[Chan-meditation, chi gong and Chinese tea]]> Fri, 19 Jul 2019 08:11:58 +0000
Chan-meditation young girl and clouds

Chan-meditation, chi gong and Chinese tea

I am happy to show new places to my students in Dengfeng. Even the diligent require a change of scenery. This time we were visiting my shixioang Taoist monk and Abbot on the South side of Shaoshi mountain. We found a good place to train and relax. We did Buddha worship and just had a...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/festival-dobrodeteli-shanlyan/ <![CDATA[Festival “Virtues” called “Shanlian” in the temple Baitusi 白兔寺]]> Wed, 17 Jul 2019 16:11:34 +0000
Монахи шаолиня на службе в храме идут в очередь и читают молитву

Festival “Virtues” called “Shanlian” in the temple Baitusi 白兔寺

Shifu Shi Yanji (释延极, shì yán jí), he is the Abbot of the temple of the white rabbit in the city of Xuchang, Henan province took him from the folklore. In ancient times, in the area of Xuchang was a severe drought and plague. Locals with good will went to the temple to pray for...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/practices-principles-before-you-start/ <![CDATA[Shaolin Kung Fu practices and principles. What you need to know before start]]> Tue, 21 May 2019 23:30:19 +0000
shaolin kung fu practices and principles. what you need to know before start blog yanchenwuguan

Shaolin Kung Fu practices and principles. What you need to know before start

Where to train? Is it enough for mastering kung fu to find a master In my city? How to train correctly? Does the price of kung fu training depend on master level? If you are studying materials about our school, trying to take deciding where to train, then you know that Shaolin kung fu is...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/chinese-language-and-calligraphy-classes-at-kung-fu-school-in-china/ <![CDATA[Chinese language and calligraphy classes at kung fu school in China]]> Wed, 24 Apr 2019 23:55:48 +0000
Chinese language and calligraphy classes at kung fu school in China 6

Chinese language and calligraphy classes at kung fu school in China

Traditional kung fu includes a set of practices, physical and spiritual. And there is no physical progress if the inner and outer do not develop together. Historically, the spiritual components of the Chinese martial arts include qigong, meditation, breathing practices, concentration exercises, calligraphy and language learning. В любой школе Шаолиньского кунг-фу в программу включена возможность брать...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/application-of-kungfu/ <![CDATA[Application of traditional shaolin kungfu]]> Tue, 02 Apr 2019 21:42:22 +0000
Application of traditional shaolin kungfu 7

Application of traditional shaolin kungfu

98% of people have an idea of ​​kung fu based on films or the Shaolin show, but this is only an external, staged picture that has little in common with the real possibilities of this martial art. Kung Fu is not a sport of the highest achievements, it is not a sport in the traditional...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/kung-fu-philosophy-for-europeans/ <![CDATA[The philosophy of Kung Fu and how to understand it for a European]]> Wed, 27 Mar 2019 20:40:00 +0000
The philosophy of Kung Fu and how to understand it for a European 8

The philosophy of Kung Fu and how to understand it for a European

We are used to evaluating the meaning of sports achievements through external attributes and achieving goals that are measured by generally accepted norms. Chinese martial artists have not yet been able to explain what Wushu is in terms familiar to Europeans, and not only because there are no exact correspondences in other languages. Wushu is...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/how-to-master-the-complexes-of-kung-fu-exercises/ <![CDATA[How to master the complexes of Kung fu exercises]]> Sun, 10 Mar 2019 18:39:39 +0000
How to master the complexes of Kung fu exercises 9

How to master the complexes of Kung fu exercises

...20th century martial arts and kung fu, the emergence and popularization of sports Wushu made it available to all and the term "exercise" in sports Wushu — not the concept that was laid down traditionally.
https://yanchenwuguan.com/how-to-get-to-shaolin/ <![CDATA[How to get to Shaolin for a foreigner]]> Fri, 01 Mar 2019 01:38:57 +0000
How to get to Shaolin for a foreigner 10

How to get to Shaolin for a foreigner

Do not rush to buy a ticket or look for a “service” entrance to Temple. Look for your teacher. Even if you speak Chinese, you are in good fit and sincerely want to master traditional kung fu, it’s not means that you will be accepted as students with open arms. “Open the door” to Shaolin...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/history-of-shaolin-temple/ <![CDATA[History of Shaolin Temple]]> Fri, 15 Feb 2019 05:25:03 +0000
History of Shaolin Temple 11

History of Shaolin Temple

What do you know about Shaolin Temple and its monks? It’s whole story is fanned with legends, and around it so many secrets that it’s not always clear where reality is and where fantasy is possibly. Get ready to hear the truth. Teaching wushu (武术) directly to Shaolin terminated. The legendary Shaolin Temple is opened...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/basics-stances-in-shaolin-kungfu/ <![CDATA[Kung Fu Basics: Stances]]> Thu, 14 Feb 2019 10:07:31 +0000
Kung Fu Basics: Stances 12

Kung Fu Basics: Stances

Stances are the basic part of all Chinese martial arts, the foundation for further training in traditional kung fu. By the way a student approaches the development of stances, the master checks his zeal and desire for a truly deep immersion in the study of wushu. The Chinese name for the stance is “bu” (...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/results-of-12th-shaolin-kung-fu-festival-2018/ <![CDATA[Results of 12th Shaolin Kung Fu Festival 2018]]> Wed, 24 Oct 2018 04:32:01 +0000
Results of 12th Shaolin Kung Fu Festival 2018 13

Results of 12th Shaolin Kung Fu Festival 2018

This year's Wushu festival represents countries and regions from all five continents. The organizing Committee decided to invite more countries "Belt and road", increasing their number to 34. The age of the oldest of the athletes-participants — 79 years, the youngest — 2 years, the total number of Chinese and foreign teams — 240.
https://yanchenwuguan.com/lessons-from-jet-li/ <![CDATA[Lessons from Jet Li]]> Sun, 23 Sep 2018 05:42:48 +0000
Момент из фильма герой с участием джета ли

Lessons from Jet Li

In 2006, the actor with his inherent directness announced that the film “Fearless” will be his last tape, entirely shot in the genre of martial arts. He explained that after 40 alone to keep tricks two hours of screen time is difficult, which means that the audience will not see the real Jet. Now his...
https://yanchenwuguan.com/how-to-prepare-for-the-trip-to-shaolin-training-camp/ <![CDATA[How to prepare for the trip to Shaolin Training Camp]]> Tue, 04 Apr 2017 09:30:20 +0000
подготовка в жёстким тренировка в стиле кинозвёзд

How to prepare for the trip to Shaolin Training Camp

It is better not to prepare, but if you are focused on training and maximum benefit, then the most important thing for you is not to overdo it. A healthy, but overworked body here will be less productive than an unprepared, but full of energy. Dress code for trainings For sports, of course, loose cotton...