First Shaolin Kung Fu Online Contest Rules and Information | Official

First Shaolin Kung Fu Online Contest Rules and Information | Official 1

Shaolin Kung Fu is one of national-level intangible cultural heritages in China which is well known all over the world, nd the Shaolin Culture is shared by the entire human. In order to promote the peace, friendship and health of mankind, and make the value of Shaolin Kung Fu’s fitness, enlightenment and harmony more visible, we are inviting Shaolin enthusiasts from all over the world to celebrate the «Shaolin Kung Fu Virtual Contest» Chinese New Year 2022. is being issued and going to be hosted by Shaolin Temple in China together with Shaolin Culture Centers from five continents. Currently, the whole world is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this virtual contest, we hope enthusiasts can inherit the skill of Shaolin Kung Fu, benefit in health, obtain happiness, and be full of positive energy.

First Shaolin Kung Fu Online Contest Rules and Information | Official 2

1. Organizing Institutions

Support unit: The National School Physical Education Leagues (Educational Reform) Chinese Wushu Magazine

Organizer: China Songshan Shaolin Temple/ National Shaolin Kung Fu Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Center

Joint sponsors:
Shaolin Cultural Centers (academies, schools and bases) in 124 cities of the world (See Annex for details),
World Shaolin Kung Fu Inheritance Leagues,
Wushu School of Henan University,
Shaolin Culture center of school and sports of Physical Education and Sports Science, SCNU
Henan Intangible Cultural Heritage Preserve Center,
Zhengzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Preserve Center Zhengzhou Cultural Center,
Dengfeng Shaolin Friendship School

Sponsor: Henan Shaolin Cultural Exchange Center
Technical support: Henan JunDao Sports develop Co., Ltd

Network support: Tencent Conference Room

Overseas media: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok

Information release platform: Shaolin Temple office Website, Shaolin App

Prize support: XTEP (特步)

2. Event Theme

Peace/ friendship. Health/ happiness. Inheritage/sharing

3. Range of Participants

All kinds of schools, kindergartens, social organizations, martial arts institutions, clubs, Shaolin Cultural Center
(academies and schools) and other organizations or individuals all over the world can sign up for the contest.

4. Contest Schedule

  1. Registration time: before 24:00 on January 20, 2022 (local time)
  2. Video uploading: January 21-30, 2022 (local time)
  3. Judge review: February 9-12, 2022 (Beijing time)
  4. Results publicity: February 15, 2022 (Beijing time)

5. Award Ceremony (webcast on five continents)

  • North American division award ceremony: 8:00 Beijing time on February 16 / US pacific Time 16:00 on February 15
  • South American division award ceremony: 10:00 Beijing time on February 16 / local time St Paul time 23:00 15th February.
  • Asian I Oceania division award ceremony: 14:00 Beijing time on February 16 / Local time: Sydney 16th February.
  • Greater China division award ceremony (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan): 16:00 Beijing time on February 16/ Local time: Beijing time.
  • Europe / Africa division award ceremony: 20:00 Beijing time on February 16/Local time: European Central Time 13:00.

Channels of seven languages simultaneous interpretation: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese.

6. Contest Events

There are Individual, Pair Training, Group and Family events

  1. Personal project:

a. Shaolin Kung Fu boxing or routine performance
b. Shaolin Kung Fu pair Training (unarmed, equipment, and unarmed vs equipment training)
c. Shaolin Kung Fu grading system boxing or equipment routine, Essential routine, Essential routine Pair
fighting, 7 to 9 Section routine with staff.
d. Shaolin Kungfu «one move» (see Appendix 1)

  1. Group event

a. Group Shaolin Boxing
b. Group Shaolin performance with equipment (including mixed equipment and boxing)

  1. Family event

Family Shaolin Kung Fu performance (see Appendix 2)

7. Contest Modality

The contest is conducted by online submission of contest video (see Appendix 3) and evaluate align with the technical skill officials.

8. Entry Rules and Application

  1. Schools, kindergartens, social organizations, martial arts institutions, clubs, Shaolin Kung Fu teaching units and other organizational units or individuals are eligible sign up for the contest.
  2. Contestants must have the citizenship of the country / region they represent. Contestants with dual citizenships can only represent one country.
  3. Each team is limited to one team leader and one coach. There is no limit on the number of athletes. Each athlete can apply for two individual events (one boxing and one equipment), and can also apply for pair events. Individual contestant can also be the team leader and coach. All rounded overall athletes are not limit by this regulation.
  4. If each individual male or female event has less than 6 contestants, it will base on the boxing and equipment event being regroup with the same kind. If there is still less than 6 contestants, they shall be regroup with the similar events.
  5. Age group of the Individual contest event
Group A:3 ~ 8 years old(January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2018)
Group B:9 ~ 12 years old(January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2012)
Group C:13 ~ 17 years old(January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2008)
Group D:18 ~ 29 years old(January 1, 1992 to December 31, 2003)
Group E:30 ~ 39 years old(January 1, 1982 to December 31, 1991)
Group F:40 ~ 49 years old(January 1, 1972 to December 31, 1981)
Group G:50 ~ 59 years old(January 1, 1962 to December 31, 1971)
Group H:60 ~ 69 years old(January 1, 1952 to December 31, 1961)
Group I:over 70 years old(born before December 31, 1952)

9. Contest Details

  1. The contest will be conducted in accordance with the Shaolin Kung Fu competition rules.
  2. In order to ensure the fairness and transparency of the contest, it will be broadcasting live. The specific broadcast channel and schedule will be announced through the official website of Shaolin Temple.
  3. Time Limits

a. Time limit for Shaolin boxing and equipment performance shall not exceed 2 minutes;
b. 3-5 minutes for Pair events;
c. Time limit for Family events shall not exceed 3 minutes.

  1. To complete the boxing and instrument routines stipulated by Shaolin, you must perform in the right order. Movements shall not be added, omitted or modified. 0.2 points will be deducted for each addition, omission or modified of movement, and points deducted accumulatively;
  2. Music must be provided for Group events, and NO Rap shall be within the music. For Rap Background music, 0.1 point will be deducted by the head judge. If no background music, 0.1 point will be deducted in the total score.
  3. Time limit for Family events shall not exceed 3 minutes and Rap shall not appeared in the music. For Rap Background music, 0.1 point will be deducted by the head judge. If no background music, 0.1 point will be deducted in the total score. The number of participants in the Family group shall not less than 2, otherwise no score will be given.

10. Awards and Prizes

«A» Category Award

1. All age groups (men’ s group and women’ s group) won awards for Boxing, Equipment, Pair Training, Group and Family events in the following proportion:

a. All Rounded Overall Champion: 7 person;
b. Individual overall champion: 35 person;
c. The first prize is awarded to 20%;
d. The second prize is awarded to 30%;
e. The third prize is awarded to 30%.

2. Winners and certificates

a. Winners will obtain the electronic certificate issued by the Shaolin Temple, which is officially registered in Shaolin Temple download and print directly from the website;
b. The award certificate shows the signature of the Shaolin Abbot Shi Yongxin;
c. The award certificate will shows an unique code recognized by the Shaolin Temple;
d. After the Pandemic, winners of the overall champion award and the first prize of each individual event can visit and experience in the Shaolin Temple for 3 days 2 nights (FREE) , and take a group photo with Master Shi Yongxin (abbot).
e. Winners who go to Shaolin Temple to receive their award certificate can take a photo with Master Shi Yongxin

3. The list of athletes who have won the first three prizes shall be posted on the contest official website by the committee. In addition, a series of publicity and reports will be carried out through professional media co-sponsor and multimedia networks nationwide and abroad.

As the supporting enterprise Of this Kung Fu online competition, XTEP will provide a pair of professional kung fu shoes which jointly created by Shaolin with XTEP , valuing 369 RMB for the winners of pentathlon, single all-round, grand prize and first prize. You can choose one of the three colors: off-white, black and white, and size 38-44 will be provided. If there is no suitable size, you can give us exact corresponding model. XTEP will also provide sports shoes and clothing products of the same value to reward the winners.

«B» Category Award

Network Award

a. According to the amount of «Likes» and shares on the internet, «Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu Award» will be awarded to the top 20%, «Shaolin Kung Fu Popularity Award» will be awarded to the top 30%, and «Shaolin Kung Fu Inheritance Award» to top 50%.
b. Award groups: under 8 years old, 9-12 years old, 13-17 years old, 18-29 years old, 30-59 years old and over 60 years old (regardless of events, but men’ s and women’ s group).
c. Athletes who win the «Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu Award» will receive a series of the Secrets Compiled of Shaolin Kung Fu by Master Shi Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple.
d. The Individual or Family Group who win the «Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu Award’ will receive the FREE 2 days 1 night Shaolin Temple Study Camp experience (ONLY the first prize winners of Individual or Family Group) and
receive the award certificate.

11. Fees and Regulations

  1. Fee Coverage

a. It includes registration fee, and entry fee for each event.
b. Each registration fee includes one entry event.
c. In addition to the registration fee, each addition entry will be charge (domestic and foreign rate).

  1. Use of the Income

Based on the principle of independent operation, construction and sharing, the income from registration fees at home and abroad will be used for the special network competition technology and equipment, video image production, referee team and event support team, global media communication, prize design and other expenses of this merit test competition, and the insufficient part will be donated.

  1. Foreign Fee Rate

a. Registration fee: US$20/Euro (includes one entry)
b. Every Additional entry: US$13/ (Euro)

  1. Domestic Fee Rate

a. Registration fee: Y150yuan (RMB) (includes one entry)
b. Every Additional: yuan (RMB)

Each team must pay all competition funds to the organizing committee by remittance (transfer) before January 20, 2022.

First Shaolin Kung Fu Online Contest Rules and Information | Official 3

12. Admission to the Contest

a. All entries form (Appendix 5)shall be sent through the Shaolin Temple online registration system (email:[email protected]), before 24:00 20th January 2022, At the same time, send the recent one inch bareheaded photos of the participants and the signed scanned copies of the voluntary letter of responsibility to the above mailbox.
b. All entries should be the final entries and submitted to the following email [email protected] before
January 30, 2002. The video file is consistent with the name of the entry form. Mode: Name+ team +
Routines name(John+ Men’ s A team + Seven stars.mp4)


In order to reduce the workload, only Chinese or English are allowed in the registration form and the file
name of the uploaded video of the entry, and registration in other languages is not accepted.

13. Referees and Arbitration Committee

  1. Referees

All independent professional officials of the Shaolin Kung Fu Virtual Contest are hired by the Shaolin Temple Contest Committee are recommendation by the Shaolin Temple Judges Committee.

  1. Arbitration Committee

The arbitration committee of the Shaolin Kung Fu Virtual Contest is selected by the Shaolin Temple Contest committee.

14. Contact Information

shaolin online contest support contacts

15. Responsibilities of Participating Units

Participating units are responsible to ensure all participants in your unit comply with the laws and regulations. The participating units shall also ensure the behavior of all participants meet the highest standard of the requirements during the contest.

  1. Basic Rules

Individuals who violate the rules, principles, interests or purposes of the contest might result in suspension or disqualification on the contest.

  1. Sportsmanship and Sprit of Representative

Athletes are representing the units of their countries in the contest. Participating units of all countries are fully responsible for the overall spiritual appearance and behavior of their athletes.

  1. Athletes’ images

All participating units are responsible for ensuring that Shaolin Temple has the right to use the personal
images of their athletes’ images for various forms of publicity activities at the discretion of the Shaolin

  1. Insurance

Each participating unit is solely responsible for providing personal injury and third-party risk public
liability. insurance for its participating athletes during this event.

  1. COVID-19 Health Prevention

The purpose of this contest is to promote the safe and effective implementation of Shaolin Kung Fu
competition during COVID-19, improve the awareness of scientific epidemic prevention for participants in
martial arts activities, and help participating units to scientifically prevent COVID-19 and safely developing Shaolin Kung Fu activities. For more information, please refer to COVID-19 Guidelines and Recommendations. Athletes shall maintain their physical and mental wellbeing, participate in regular Shaolin Kung Fu training, and choose the entries according to their health condition. If an athlete feels unwell during the video recording, it shall stop immediately and seek for medical attention.

16. Others

  1. Venue requirements

It is recommended to practice on the standard Wushu routine carpet. If there is no standard martial arts
routine carpet available, it can also carry out on an open and flat area. For safety reasons, it is recom-
mended to use high-quality tatami and / or ground protective covers. Athletes must fully evaluate the
conditions of the contest and practice venues and their own ability to avoid accidental and any injuries.

  1. Requirements for the background of the participating video

Participants representing the Shaolin Culture Center (library, school) to which they belong, if conditions
permit, it is recommended use the country, city name and affiliated organization logo as the background
board; those who do not meet the requirements, the background is self-selected, so it’ s better to be tidy.
Other text and slogans are not
allowed in the background.

  1. Dress Code

All athletes shall wear Shaolin Kung Fu uniform in all entry events. All contestants shall prepare their own

  1. Equipment requirements

All contestants shall bring their own equipment.

  1. Ownership of all submitted videos by each unit will belongs to the Shaolin Temple.
  2. Each participant shall sign the Shaolin Temple disclaimer and submit after online registration. (See
    Appendix 4)
  3. In order to maintain the fairness of the competition platform, any cheating act is strictly prohibited.
    Once a cheating act is proved, all the personal entries of the contestant will be disqualified.
  4. Matters not covered here shall be notified by Shaolin temple official website (
    Shaolin App

17. The final interpretation of this regulation belongs to the organizing committee of this merit test contest

Appendix 1

The entry event of the Shaolin Kung Fu «one move» Shaolin Kung Fu «one move»

First Shaolin Kung Fu Online Contest Rules and Information | Official 4
shaolin pose
First Shaolin Kung Fu Online Contest Rules and Information | Official 5
  1. Technical requirements for «One Move»

According to what the contestants have learned, perform «one move» of the Shaolin Kung Fu. Contestants are
required to speak out the name of the move at the same time.
Contestant apply «one move» to the target (the target can be an object or work in pair).

  1. «One move» video content requirements
  • Contestants need to upload still photos of «one move»;
  • Contestants shall upload a complete video of «one move» and speak out the name of the «one move»;
  • Contestants need to upload the videos of «one move» hitting, breaking and knocking down the target.

Appendix 2

Family events

  1. For Family registration;
  2. It must be composed of blood related family members;
  3. Entry events: Shaolin Kung Fu boxing, equipment, skill, Shaolin Yi Jin Jing;
  4. Entry groups: 2,3,4 and 5 generations groups;
  5. Take the family as an unit, and compete in the 2,3,4or5 generations groups;
  6. Family generation hierarchy description:

The title of family members

First Shaolin Kung Fu Online Contest Rules and Information | Official 6

Appendix 3

Video of Contest

1. Video Requirements

All participating videos shall be captured and submitted through the application of “JUSTTOOL Competition Shooting Master”.

The application can be accessed and downloaded from the home page of the online registration system. Video must capture full body of the athletes during the whole contest video, otherwise points will be deducted (see this procedure for specific deduction standards).

  1. Photo frame: the center of the photo frame should be kept between the athlete’s hips and shoulders. The shooting device can move horizontally along the sideline of the routine carpet facing the athlete at the beginning of the action. Do not enter the competition held, and do not change the shooting angle from the front sideline to the sideline.
  2. Stability: the best way to ensure video stability is to connect the smart device to a tripod or portable stabilizer. If you don’t have these devices, you can lean your smartphone against the support in front of you or hold it with your hand to maintain sufficient stability.
  3. Lighting: it is recommended to shoot the performance indoors, and the minimum illumination is 1000 lux. Otherwise, please ensure that the outdoor light is consistent with the indoor light, and make use of the sunlight to avoid interference.
  4. Audio: when shooting the final performance video, please try to keep the minimum background noise, so that the judges can clearly hear your voice in your performance video without being disturbed by other noise.

2. Format requirements for video graphic content

  1. All participating images and videos are taken recently, and previous participating videos are not allowed to participate.
  2. The participating graphic video must be in MP4 or MOV format taken horizontally, the video hie size does not exceed 300MB. The picture is clear and stable. (3) No content in violation of the laws and regulations of the people’s Republic ofChina and the country is allowed in the participating graphics and videos; All words, pictures and body movements that violate human peace are strictly prohibited; Controversial scenes or landmark buildings are strictly prohibited, (subject to the Olympic provisions)

3. Competition video upload

Competition videos should be uploaded via. Participants must complete the shooting and uploading of all their competition items within the time specified below. Any video not taken and submitted within the specified time limit will be deemed invalid and will not be scored.

Deduct points for those who do not meet the requirements of shooting regulations

Evaluation criteriaDeduct points
An athlete’s body or part of the body is out of the lens0.1
The athlete’s whole body is out of the lens0.2
Continuous lack of light and / or strong light interferenceNote: the referee decides whether the registration…
Excessive noise interference…conditions are qualified and whether the video is…
The video is too lag (has been used more than 3 times) and/or the stability is poor.…scored.

Appendix 4 (Download xlsx)

Voluntary participation responsibility and risk notification

  1. (our team) voluntarily sign up for the “Chinese New Year 2022” Shaolin Kung Fu Virtual Contest and sign this letter of responsibility.
  2. (our team) voluntarily abide by all the rules, rules, regulations and measures of the contest, and clearly know and consciously abide by the contest intensity, competition system, schedule and time arrangement.
  3. (our team) fully understand our own physical condition and confirm that we are in good health without any physical discomfort or disease (including congenital heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, myocarditis, other heart diseases, coronary artery disease, severe arrhythmia, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease and other diseases that are not suitable to participate in the contest), we have the conditions to participate in the contest, are fully prepared for the contest, and have purchased “personal accident insurance” before the contest; After careful evaluation, the guardian confirms that the guardian’s physical condition meets the contest conditions and voluntarily assumes the corresponding risks.
  4. (our team) fully understand the possible risks of this contest, and have prepared necessary preventive measures to participate in the contest with a responsible attitude towards my (student) safety.
  5. (our team) is willing to bear its own accident risk liability during the contest, and agrees that the conference will not bear any form of compensation and legal liability for accidents, injuries and other losses not caused by the conference.
  6. (our team) agrees to accept the on-site first-aid medical treatment provided by the general assembly during the contest, but after leaving the scene, the relevant expenses incurred in medical treatment shall be borne by ourselves (team).
  7. (our team) promise to participate in the contest in my own name and never impersonate or cheat.
  8. Under the normal control and prevention of COVID-19, the participants should do scientific personal protection and do well in the work of epidemic prevention and control in strict accordance with the requirements of the general assembly. 9. I have carefully read and fully understood the above contents, and have confirmed all the above contents and signed and assumed corresponding legal liabilities voluntarily.
First Shaolin Kung Fu Online Contest Rules and Information | Official 7


  1. Each team shall have a separate copy, which must resigned by the team leader, coach and all participating athletes, and stamped with the official seal of the unit. It shall be submitted to the general assembly (or sent to the general assembly as required by the notice).
  2. The participating unit shall be responsible for the authenticity of the signature and seal on this notice.
  3. If the form is not enough, please copy it yourself.

Appendix 5 (Download xlsx)

“Chinese New Year 2022” Shaolin Kung Fu Online Competition Registration form

First Shaolin Kung Fu Online Contest Rules and Information | Official 8


  1. The report must be printed out;
  2. The “event” column should be filled in with the competition items stipulated in the competition rules, and the “routine name” should be filled in with the name of the rehearsal routine.
  3. For the pair training item, please fill in the same name of the pair exercise in the corresponding column of the same group of athletes, such as: John and Mark pair exercise, write “Pair exercise 1” in the column of John and Mark corresponding pair exercise item. The second group can be written “Pair Practice 2”, and so on;
  4. Please send the EXCEL version of the registration form to the receiving email address: [email protected] before January 20, 2022.
  5. Please send the participating videos to the receiving email address: [email protected] before January 30, 2022.
  6. Welcome everyone to provide a one-minute kung fu video.
  7. When the number of applicants is large, the insert row operation can be performed.
  8. Please leave your mailing address and e-mail address below to facilitate the match contact.

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