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  1. Good evening,

    my nearly 15 year old son and me (his mother) are interested in visiting your place this summer by middle or end of July for about 2 weeks. Would there be any vacancy during this time? And do you think it is suitable for us? My son has a huge interest in Shaolin Kung Fu although he never practiced it physically before, but he is interested in everything that has got to do with it and he is the one who found your school and just showed it to me. I never occupied myself with Kung Fu up to now, but I think it would be a great experience for me and for my son as well as for the relationship between the two of us. I’m looking forward to hearing from you, thanks and best regards, Janin Lechner

    1. Dear Janin.
      Thank you to interest in my school. Let me answer to you.

      It so happened that last year at my school at the same time came two families. It was a father with a son and a father with a son and a daughter. Children from 10 to 14 years.

      I have seen how this experience of joint training has a beneficial effect on the relationship. When a parent and child meet a similar problem and can discuss it from different sides. Sometimes a child can correct his parent. This is a wonderful experience that I was able to observe myself. If you have the opportunity to come with son you will make a very good long-term gift to your family experiense.

      As for the training itself, do not worry. The basis of Shaolin kung fu is not extensive in terms of the number of movements, but it requires a lot of attention and diligence to carry the result and benefit to the body. This is exactly what we do — every day we train our body. Important as that is time spent, but was worth the diligence and the applied forces. It is especially good when there is a desire and aspiration to everything.

      Also for you we can offer classes not only kung fu, but also qigong and tai Chi.

  2. Hi , I’m very much interested in this activity, how can I contact you, how to enlist. I’m currently in Shanghai and want to visit your school. Tell me the process how to enlist myself.

  3. hi master . i»m so interested martial arts specially Shaolin kungfu . but i have big problem . i want stay there for a long time(about 5 yeas). you know learning martial arts need long times. but if i want stay there for 5 years or more i can not pay the fees . i exercised judo and boxing for short time but my physical preparation is good .can you help me . i will be so thank you . please answer me by my email

    1. Dear Ali,
      «You can start think about close feature. Try to solve you wishes on one month for example, Every month goes to next month and then you find how 5 years became as you wish.» Shifu