Chan-meditation, qigong and Chinese tea

Chan-meditation young girl and clouds

I am happy to show new places to my students in Dengfeng. Even the diligent require a change of scenery. This time we were visiting my shixioang Taoist monk and Abbot on the South side of Shaoshi mountain. We found a good place to train and relax. We did Buddha worship and just had a good time.

Qigong is about working with energy. At first glance, simple movements and nothing complicated, but this is all kung fu. Repeat simple movements infinitely many times. During practice, you need to be here and now, to pay all attention to the breath and the state inside, sweeping away noisy thoughts from the outside.

группа иностранцев практикуют цигун с мастером. eight brocade

The tea ceremony went well. Especially known for a lot of my students tea shop in Dentine on the ground floor of a tall building next to the street-food street. Calm and meditative conversations, exchange of experience, discussion of practices. Students from France, Ukraine and Russia gathered in China to train kung fu, raise kung fu knowledge and enrich experience, is not it interesting?

Most recently we visited a family restaurant there in the mountains. We often call such places “As mom cooked” 妈妈饭. The restaurant is located exactly in the same house where the family lives. The kitchen of the restaurant and the kitchen where they cook their own food is one place. The most delicious here is the finest cakes of wheat flour, which are served with toppings. Here is one of kung fu, after all, to wrap the contents inside, use the palm of your hand and chopsticks. I will tell about it at a meeting.

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