Master Shi Yanchen 1
  • Master Shi Yanchen has been practicing kung fu since the age of 6;
  • Master of 72 styles and 18 weapons;
  • In 2002 he began to travel   with the troupe around the world with shows of Shaolin kung fu

34th generation  

Master Shi Yanchen 2
Master Shi Yanchen 3
  • Since 2011 – master, teacher at his own school in Dengfeng ;
  • 2019 – moving the school to the Temple of Baitusi;
  • 2019 was a head warrior monk at the White Rabbit Temple in Xuchang;
  • Since 2020 – Moving to the city of Ruzhou
  • He taught students in Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, USA, Holland, France;
шифу янчен в швейцарии знакомство с юными ученицами.

Almost 10 years ago, Shi Yanchen became shifu for 6 boys from his home village. And now more than 700 people turn to the Master. There are no former students.

The word shifu (师父, shīfu) is unparalleled in foreign language;
shifu is a Buddhist concept that unites both teachers and fathers. In the process of joint classes, conversations, shifu conveys to students his experience, outlook, attitude to life, which correspond to the principles of chan-Buddhism (Zen) He is experienced and educated as a teacher, and strict, caring and attentive as a father.

As a light source, shifu shows the student his own right way, helping not to go astray. But at the same time does not lead by the hand, does not give ready-made recipes, and directs his consciousness and gives an inner confidence that the path is chosen correctly.

I feel my calling to be at home in China. To be surrounded by Songshan mountains. That's why my school took place here, near the Shaolin Temple.

Master Shi Yanchen

Мастер Ши Янчен

Master and School

Shi Yanchen is Buddhist anme. The prefix “Shi” means that he received an initiation in the monastery of Shaolin and has his spiritual mentor – shifu . By passing experience and skills to students, shifu Shi Yanchen maintains the tradition of following Buddhist lines of learning continuity.

You may be interested to know that there are no standards, strict rules and techniques for learning how to own a body and different types of weapons. There is a direction, there is a single thread, in the process of winding which becomes possible to understand kung fu in Shaolin.

Conventionally today there are more than a thousand styles kung fu and they continue to be added. Every martial artist contributes something of his own. And from the usual movements and ligaments there is a new style kung fu as well as a new recipe for food in the kitchen of a talented chef from the usual set of products.

How to convey the experience, methods and interpretations of techniques – a personal matter of each Master. Therefore, large schools and kung fu are not quite traditional for teaching the culture of Shaolin and Chan-Buddhism, although large educational complexes are also enough around the monastery.

Portrait of Shifu Shi Yanchen on the opening ceremony of new a school in the town of Qinghe, Hebei

The monks of the monastery prefer to train alone or in the company of the nearest students, and this has always been the case. Therefore, the school, which was created by Master Shi Yanchen lives by family rules and traditional canons, this is its value. For everyone who comes to school, he is a father and a teacher. He lives like a real father, with his family at school, and does not come as a coach, several times a week.

Once you come to shaolin school to teach kung fu to master Shi Yanchen you become part of a large family of students who do not lose touch with each other, continue to communicate and after you leave school.

If you dream:

  • Join the life of a Shaolin monk and his disciples;
  • Get a whole new experience;
  • To push the boundaries of the idea of the possibilities of your body and spirit.

Leave the application with your wishes and book a plane ticket. The school will take care of everything else.

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