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Training Programs Overview

This article outlines various training programs offered by the Shi Yanchen School, catering to individuals with different time commitments and goals. Whether you opt for short-term training spanning up to 30 days, intermediate programs lasting 2-6 months, or long-term immersion exceeding 7-12 months, each training regimen provides a comprehensive experience in the art of Shaolin Kung Fu. From mastering basic movements and forms to advanced techniques, weapon training, and profound spiritual development, these programs offer a transformative journey to students of all backgrounds and skill levels, inviting them to explore the depths of this ancient martial art.

Kung Fu Training – Short-Term and Long-Term

Whether you plan to train for a few weeks during your vacation or immerse yourself deeply in the study of Kung Fu for several months or even years, the Shi Yanchen School strives to offer training that suits your needs.

Training at the school follows traditional principles, with Master Shi Yanchen himself as your instructor. Right from the beginning, you don’t just enhance your stamina; you pass Kung Fu through your own being. Rather than mechanically memorizing movements, you express them through the harmonization of internal energy (Qi) and the external response of your body.

The school welcomes students of all levels of physical fitness. However, to make quicker progress, we recommend preparing before your arrival. This will help you adapt to the daily schedule and training rhythm without wasting time. This is especially important if you plan to stay for a short period (up to 30 days).

Good ways to prepare include running, swimming, functional training, stretching exercises, and yoga.

Without acquiring basic skills and mastering fundamental movements, you won’t be able to advance and master more complex techniques and forms.

Roughly, you can identify three levels in Kung Fu proficiency:

  1. Mastery of basic movements and forms. External patterns of movements and combat.
  2. Integration of “mind and body,” transforming the internal into the external, controlling Qi, learning without external movements and repetitions, and controlling the opponent without overt control.
  3. The highest level — “from heart to heart” movement.

Short-Term Kung Fu Training: Up to 30 Days

In Kung Fu schools in your city, you might train 2-3 times a week. However, at the Shi Yanchen School in China, you train three times a day, which results in a higher intensity but also rapid improvement.

In just one month, you achieve the same progress as a whole year of moderate training in your hometown.

During this time, you gain fundamental knowledge of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and master methods of physical and spiritual preparation, including:

  • Learning basic movements, steps, swings, and hand strikes
  • One empty-hand form (taolu)
  • Training flexibility, stability, and endurance
  • Basic weapons: staff and sword
  • One weapon form (taolu)
  • Exploring qigong, tai chi, and Chan meditation
  • Chinese language, calligraphy, and Chinese culture studies

Long-Term Kung Fu Training: 2-6 Months

During the course of 2 to 6 months of long-term Kung Fu training, you will see significant advancements in your agility, striking power, speed, movement precision, and overall body coordination. You will not only enhance your physical capabilities but also gain a deep understanding of the theories and customs of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Here’s what you’ll explore during this phase:

  • 2-4 traditional Shaolin fist forms (taolu)
  • Traditional weapons training
  • Focus on different body parts
  • Exploring the potential of Qi control
  • Introduction to traditional Chinese medicine and its applications

Long-Term Kung Fu Training: 7-12 Months

At this level of training, you will focus on perfecting hand movements, quickening body reactions, and achieving seamless coordination between the body’s various parts. Your body will move as a unified whole, with your eyes following your hand movements, steps becoming light and precise, and strength flowing precisely when needed.

The training becomes more individualized and tailored to your skills and progress as a student.

Here’s what you’ll explore during this phase:

  • 5-6 traditional Shaolin fist forms (taolu)
  • Styles like Mantis, Eagle, and Tiger
  • Training with traditional weapons: Shaolin straight sword, Shaolin spear, Damo staff, Southern broadsword, double broadswords, Shaolin plum blossom sword, and nine-section chain whip

What’s Next?

Shaolin Kung Fu is like an iceberg; we only see a small portion on the surface, while the essence lies beneath. Exploring it can be an endless journey with no limits.

If you have been practicing Wushu for several years, the master will help you choose something related to your previous practice. At this level, mastering a new form may require over 1000 repetitions to achieve what your heart desires.

You can also participate in group training to prepare for demonstrations and championships.

Are you ready to begin?

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  1. I have meniscus tear of my left leg, i can walk normal but i cannot run hard… can i join 1 year programme

    1. Thank you for your interest in our Yanchenwuguan Shaolin Kung Fu School.

      It’s important to ensure your health and safety first. Once your leg is fully healed and your doctor approves intensive physical activity, we would be happy to welcome you to our half-year program. Our experienced instructors will help you make the most of your time with us.