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Currency Exchange in China

It’s important to note that in China, MasterCard and Visa payment systems do not work for payments at most establishments. Cards from these systems can usually only be used to withdraw cash from ATMs. However, in some cases, UnionPay cards are accepted for payments, and for cash withdrawals, you may occasionally find ATMs that accept MasterCard and Visa.

Therefore, card payments at the school may not always be possible, so it’s advisable to have cash on hand.

You have a few options for handling currency:

  1. You can purchase Chinese yuan at a bank in your home country in advance and pay in yuan (preferred option).
  2. You can bring foreign currency with you, such as dollars, and pay in the respective currency or use UnionPay cards where accepted.
  3. Upon arrival, you can withdraw money from an ATM using your debit or credit card. Some ATMs may accept MasterCard and Visa for cash withdrawals.

You can buy yuan in your hometown, withdraw from a Chinese bank’s ATM, or exchange dollars upon arrival in China. In any case, we will provide guidance and assistance.

Changing dollars, euros, or rubles into yuan at a favorable exchange rate may not always be easy in China. Be prepared for the exchange process, which may involve some time and paperwork. Therefore, it’s convenient to obtain yuan in advance.

If possible, bring multiple cards from different banks. If you are confident that your card works in China, we will assist you in finding a China Bank or ICBC China Bank ATM.

If you bring foreign currency, we will guide you to a currency exchange location. In the worst case, we can accept payment in foreign currency.

Ensure that you have enough yuan in cash to reach our location, and you can consider exchanging money at the airport for this purpose.

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