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Visa processing

If the decision to come has been made and the payment has been made, you can proceed with applying for a visa.

You will need a visa to enter the China. There is no visa on arrival in China, so you must apply for a visa before arriving.

  1. If you have chosen a course of less than 30 days, contact the consulate in your place of residence to apply for a tourist visa (Type L).
  2. If you have chosen a course of 30 days or more, request an invitation from us to apply for a student visa (Type X2).

Which type of visa to choose?

For short-term students, we recommend applying for a one-month tourist visa (Type L) at the consular section of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in your place of residence. No invitation is required for a tourist visa.

For students who would like to stay at our school for more than a month, a student visa (Type X2) or a business visa (Type M) with an invitation is required.

More details: rules for obtaining Chinese visas.

How to obtain an invitation?

If an invitation is required for the type of visa you have chosen:

  1. Make sure you have paid the registration fee of $100.
  2. Fill out the invitation application: Invitation Application from the School for Type X-2 Invitation form Visa.
  3. Be patient. Expect to receive an invitation to your email within 48 hours.

After confirming the reservation and paying the fee, we will send the invitation necessary for obtaining a long-term stay visa. It is important to remember that for citizens of some countries, the consulate requests the original invitation, which means additional costs for its delivery from China to you, as well as waiting time to receive it.

Do not book your flight ticket until you receive the invitation

We are not consultants or agents when it comes to visa processing. We know the process because many disciples come to us, so we share our experience with you. The rules for obtaining visas are constantly changing and also vary depending on nationality. Please be patient and considerate of each other. We don’t keep track of rule changes very carefully, we are practicing all the time.

Where to start the visa application process?

The official websites of the consulate for visa application and appointment scheduling are listed below.

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