Traditional Shaolin Kungfu Learning Center


Your own program from 1 week to 1 year long

No age or gender restrictions

Longterm foreign students will help to adapt

Kung fu and meditation classes in the Temple

Shaolin Kung Fu School Of Master Shi Yanchen — one of the best traditional ways to improve your Kung Fu and meditation skills. At 2019 we open doors for new students and offer unique practice experience.

Do you want to learn kung fu in you village and city or where it originated and continues to develop this ancient skill. Find out more, register and come

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Our offer would be interesting for:

  • Children and adults (men and women)
  • Everybody from 5 to 70 years old
  • Any level of physical training
  • Those who want to improve physical and mental skills
  • Followers of any religion
  • Those who are able to follow the teacher (shifu) and fully trust him
  • Those who can realize that to change oneself can take a lot of effort but it will be very satisfying
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Traditional monastery practice is not suitable for people:

  • Incredulous and Proud
  • Those who are not willing to cultivate courage and bravery
  • Those who are not willing to improve
  • Those who are giving too much importance to physical comfort
  • Those who are used to give up with the first difficulties
  • Those who are not ready to open heart for new thoughts and knowledges

Learn from the Master

We're just taking the camera and filming. No rehearsal needed.

Your way to Shaolin begins with finding a Master (Shifu). And If you’re reading this, then you’re on the right road.
Shifu Shi Yanchen follows the traditional way of teaching Shaolin Kung Fu, he spreads the knowledge through the physical and mental practice.

Make a choice among Shaolin Kung Fu schools

Our school has a traditional approach to monastic teaching. The teacher conveys knowledge “from heart to heart”, which leads to changes within the practitioner and gives the opportunity to acquire bodily skills.

All classes at our school are taught by Master Shi Yanchen himself, unlike most major schools and kung fu clubs, where skills are often transferred only from senior students and social coaches.

Shi Yanchen's Kung Fu school

Three main principles of our school

Official Shaolin Kungfu School 4

and individual approach

Official Shaolin Kungfu School 5

Physical development
and spiritual growth

Official Shaolin Kungfu School 6

to the spirit of Shaolin

From The inner mood, through the practice of the body, to the external skill. From the management of the body to the change of consciousness is the path of anyone who wants to master kung fu as a martial art.

Meet the conditions of accommodation and training

Details from everyday life

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Accommodation and facilities

Living Conditions, hygiene, Internet, communication with the outside world, restrictions.Comfort promotes spiritual and sports progress.

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How many hours of training and meditation lasts when we go to bed, how much have breakfast and dinner. Find out how your day will be built.

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Important Information

How to get a visa, what to take with you, wear to train. How much money is needed in Shaolin and whether there are ATMs — read "Knowledge Base"

Real and honest in the language of the student



Questions and answers about practice at the shaolin kung fu center

Oh, yeah, of course. The more you know how to do it, and the better your physical fitness, the faster your progress will be. On the first day, Master Shi Yanchen will personally meet you to meet and listen to you. He will learn your skills, experience and limitations, offer an individual training plan and further improvement.

Yeah, you do. If you plan to train not more than a month, it is enough tourist
visas. If you are going to stay longer than 30 days, it is convenient to arrange a special
a study visa for which we will send an invitation after the deposit is paid.

We have free wifi in the house. This is not a secret organization, communication with the world is not prohibited. You will stay in touch with friends and family, as well as be aware of the world news. It is worth remembering that in China does not work Google, banned Facebook and a number of other services. We will tell you in detail about the restrictions before the trip.

Training in kung fu techniques is conducted in Chinese. Master Shi Yanchen also speaks a little English. There are senior students at the school, including those who speak Russian. We are sure to help you adapt at the first stage, as if you were in a kung fu classroom in your hometown.

  • Все
  • Kung Fu philosophy
  • Kung Fu practiсe
  • Kung Fu theory
  • Manuals
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  • Все
  • Kung Fu philosophy
  • Kung Fu practiсe
  • Kung Fu theory
  • Manuals
  • News
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Kung Fu practiсe

Taijiquan classes for health and longevity

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How to get Shaolin Temple in 2020

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Kung Fu theory

The Qigong. What is it and why it useful

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Kung Fu practiсe

Shaolin kung fu certification

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