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Kung Fu School

Learn Kung Fu in China and discover the meaning of life.

Shi Yanchen’s kung fu School is a traditional path mastering and immersing yourself. Accomodation, food and hard trainings is included in every program
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Do you want to learn kung fu in authentic place and where it originated and continues to develop this ancient craftsmanship in China? Find out more, book, fly and join us!

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Learn from the Master

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Shi Yanchen

Your way to Shaolin begins with finding a Master (Shifu). And If you’re reading this, then you’re on the road.

Shifu 34 Generation Shi Yanchen follows the traditional canons of the Shaolin Temple, spreading the knowledge through the techniques of Kung fu and Chan (meditation).

Master Shi Yanchen will give you a Buddhist refuge and give you the knowledge and skill — as much as you can take.

How to make a choice

Shaolin kung fu schools

Our school has a traditional approach to monastic education and discipline. The Teacher conveys knowledge “from heart to heart”, it leads to changes within the practitioner and gives an opportunity to master and bodily skills.

All classes in our school are led by the warrior-monk Master Shi Yanchen, unlike most of the major schools and clubs kung fu, where skill is often transferred only from senior students and secular coaches.

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Shi Yanchen's Kung Fu school

Three Important Principles

Family and individual approach

Physical development and spiritual growth

Introduction to the spirit of Shaolin

Just as

one, two, three

Real and honest in the language of the student


Meet the conditions of accommodation and training

Details from everyday life

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Accommodation and facilities

Living Conditions, hygiene, Internet, communication with the outside world, restrictions.Comfort promotes spiritual and sports progress.

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How many hours to train and how long to sleep: find out how your day will be built.

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Knowledge base

How to get a visa, what to take with you, what to train in, pocket money and other


We will be happy to help you all the way from the idea to the beginning of training.

We do not ask you to pay for the entire course in advance, but if you make a deposit, we will be sure that you will come and we will be able to prepare for you, support you with information, and also send you an invitation letter for a visa proposal.

Sure. The more you can, and the better your physical form, the faster the progress will be. On the first day, Master Shi Yanchen will meet you in person to know you closer and listen. Learns your skills, experience and limitations, offers an individual training plan and further improvement.

In short, yes. If you plan to train for no more than a month, enough tourist
visa. If you are going to stay longer than 30 days, it is convenient to issue a special
a study visa, an invitation for which we will send after payment of the deposit.

We have free Wi-Fi in the house. This is not a secret organization, communication with the world is not prohibited. You stay in touch with friends and family, and you will be aware of the world news. It is worth remembering that Google does not work in China, Facebook and a number of other services are banned. We will tell you in detail about the restrictions before the trip.

kung fu training is generally in Chinese However, master Shi Yanchen speaks little English From time to time the school has mature students, including those who speak English. We will definitely help you adapt in the first stage, you will understand everything as if you are in a cool section of kung fu in Germany or Spain or whatever hometown.