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China is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and the likelihood of encountering unforeseen situations such as illnesses or accidents is higher here. The ways to address these situations may not be as obvious for Europeans. Insurance can help cover the costs of medical services, hospitalization, and treatment, which can be quite expensive in China.

Furthermore, insurance also provides assistance in case of loss or theft of documents, luggage, or money, which can pose serious problems in a foreign country. Thus, having insurance when visiting China is an important step to ensure safety and protect your interests in case of unexpected events.

What kind of insurance do I need?

We recommend purchasing comprehensive travel medical insurance that covers injuries and illnesses resulting from active sports activities. The school is not responsible for injuries sustained before, during, or after training.

There are no specific vaccinations required for visiting Shaolin.

If you are accustomed to certain medications, including pain relievers, we recommend bringing them with you. While China offers many local brands, some of which may be more effective, having your familiar tablets on hand can sometimes be more convenient and efficient.

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