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Travel Phrasebook

Print out this handy phrasebook and take it with you, along with a business card, to find your way to the Shaolin Kung Fu school upon arriving in China. The first phrase is versatile and will work in various situations. It mentions your destination and my phone number. If you encounter any uncertainties along the way, use this template:

in Englishin Chinese
I’m looking for the way to Ruzhou City, Henan Province, to find Master Yanchen’s school. Here’s his phone number 13838323510. Could you please call him to ask what I should do next? Thank you very much!我要去河南省汝州市嵩山少林延晨武术学校,他的电话13838323510。我想到火车站买票。请帮我找到方向。非常感谢!

Different Situations

This phrase will help you use both at the airport upon arrival in China and directly at the train station to find ticket counters

Any Airport in China

in Englishin Chinese
I’m going to Master Shi Yanchen’s school in Ruzhou (Pingdingshan train station). I want to go to the train station and buy a train ticket. Please help me find the direction.我要去火车站,然后去河南省汝州市(平顶山站),请问在哪里买票做火车?

Taxi from train station Zhengzhou or Luoyang or Pingdingshan

in English По- китайски
I want to go to to Master Shi Yanchen’s school in Ruzhou city. Please help me find a taxi. Thank you for your assistance.我想去汝州市。请帮我找出租车。谢谢您的帮助。

Here is such a short auxiliary vocabulary, as you can see at every big traffic junction you know how to speak to the locals.

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