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Shaolin and Traditions

Entrance to Shaolin

Entrance ticket for tourists costs about 200 yuan.

Usually, Master Shi Yanchen and his students visit their Shifu Shi Yong Qian in his cell on the monastery grounds. Everyone goes to the audience early in the morning, by car. If you are accompanied by a master, the entrance will be free of charge. You can take beautiful photos of Shaolin Temple when there are no crowds of tourists in it yet.

Chinese traditions

Everyone who comes to China for the first time is surprised by the large number of traditions and not always clear reasons for the actions of others.

Pay attention to the incomprehensible or surprising actions and reactions of local residents and do not hesitate to ask the master and senior students about their reasons.The more you learn about China, the more you will be able to understand the philosophy of kung fu.

Why do students give presents to the master?

China is an eastern country and it’s philosophy, where it is traditionally customary to give gifts to close people. During your journey, you will meet many interesting and respected people, and you may want to leave something in Shaolin as a sign of your recognition.The master of kung fu becomes more than just a teacher for you, you will always remember your master and rely in life on the knowledge received from him.Small national souvenirs will always be appropriate.

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