Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu School answers questions:

In short, yes. If you plan to train for no more than a month, a tourist visa is sufficient. If you are going to stay longer than 30 days, it is convenient to apply for study visa, an invitation for which we will send after paying the deposit.

Mainly if you make a deposit we are sure that you will come. This will allow us to prepare in the best way: buy uniforms, bed linen, prepare a sleeping place and find the best room. A deposit is required not only if you need to issue an invitation. Unfortunately, this is also due to the increased cases of fraud and obtaining a visa for own purposes.

Sure. The more you can, and the better your physical form, the faster the progress will be. On the first day, Master Shi Yanchen will meet you in person to know you closer and listen. Learns your skills, experience and limitations, offers an individual training plan and further improvement.

We have free Wi-Fi in the house. This is not a secret organization, communication with the world is not prohibited. You stay in touch with friends and family, and you will be aware of the world news. It is worth remembering that Google does not work in China, Facebook and a number of other services are banned. We will tell you in detail about the restrictions before the trip.

kung fu training is generally in Chinese In addition, Master Shi Yanchen speaks a little English. From time to time the school has mature students, including those who speak English. We will definitely help you adapt in the first stage, you will understand everything as if you are in the kung fu section in your hometown. As the master says: “Ask fewer repeat more.”

Shaolin combines the practices of martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The practice of TCM with the body is actively cultivated in our school as a preventive measure, but we do not have a TCM department for foreigners. In case you wish to have a session or wellness program with Chinese medicine, we can arrange for you to visit a Chinese doctor in Dengfeng and his Songshan Zen, Health & Dao Medical Center clinic.

Chinese students are studying as usual. Due to the situation, we are unable to send invitations for visas.

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