Tuition fees

Meet the conditions of accommodation and training

Find out the tuitions fee of kung fu training in China

Tuition fees 1


How many hours of training and meditation lasts when we go to bed, how much have breakfast and dinner. Find out how your day will be built.

Tuition fees 2

Accommodation and facilities

Living Conditions, hygiene, Internet, communication with the outside world, restrictions. Comfort promotes spiritual and sports progress.

Tuition fees 3

Important Information

How to get a visa, what to take with you, wear to train. How much money is needed in Shaolin and whether there are ATMs — read "Knowledge Base"

Meet the conditions of accommodation and training

In tuition fee is included

Professional growth for a coach, increased skill or kung fuactivities : Shaolin kung fu, meditation Chan, tai chi, qigong for beginners – choose the right program and find out the details.


All classes with Master Shi Yanchen and his wife Lily Chen: kung fu Shaolin Chan meditation, Taichi, Qigong, shibashi and taolu with a senior student

Visa application form

A training suite for the program for more than two weeks

Healthy food

Three meals a day (vegetables from nearby farmers)


Wide bed in 3-bed room in the home of a Master or two tiers in the temple


Diploma course and passed the test

Visa support

Under you special request we provide an invitation letter


You will not be left without communication with relatives

All the necessary

Air conditioning, Euro toilet, shower with hot water and a small shop

Because of you

Every year we improve living conditions

Tuition fees 4


You will also receive

Tuition fees 5

Chinese language classes and calligraphy

Your choice you will be able to practice Chinese with the teacher or mastery of the brush in the classroom for calligraphy

Tuition fees 6

Training in the Temple

We organize a good opportunity to train in the monastery, as well as his free visit. What exact Temple we will visit - according to the situation

we have sorted all your mentioned options in a rather playful way

Course price & duration

*The free transfer means that if you are going to us for the first time, we will help you and meet at the airport or the railway of Zhengzhou city. This option is valid once as gift and only if you have booked directly on our website. It’s like a gift. In all other cases, transfers to and from the airport cost 300 CNY.

Step 1.
Please choose from the list above the course and make a deposit

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