Facilities and living conditions

During your stay at the Kung Fu school you will live as an ancient Shaolin Temple monk.

Beautiful territory of the old temple, orange roofs, flowers and scentes, little pond with the fish.

Facilities and living conditions 1

At our school we have a little more comfort then Shaolin monks of 12th century. We have hot water at our showers and even separate rest rooms for foreigner students.

  • Washing machine — open access;
  • Water cooler — in every room;
  • Bed linen — free of charge;
  • WiFi is available

It's a minimalism but in it's very best way

All rooms are cosy and have a lot of light. We have thought about everything you might need for life.

Facilities and living conditions 2

Modern and modest furniture

Every room has a big bed (some of the rooms have two level beds), chairs, bedside tables and a table for studies.

Facilities and living conditions 3

Air conditioning at every room

Comfort temperature will be maintained at your room even at the hottest days.

Take shower after each training

as much as you want

If you want to be more comfortable then you can rent a room at the nearby hostel. But we don’t recommend you to do it.

Try to fully undertake the atmosphere of the school and then you will be able to understand better the spirit of Kung Fu.

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