Facilities and living conditions

When you are at Shi Yanchen’s Kung Fu School, you live in conditions as close as possible to those when students become masters, the student’s diligence and asceticism are the basis for the Shaolin monk.

The beautiful territory of the ancient monastery, moss-covered slopes of tiled roofs, many flowers and incense, a small pond with carps, bowls with blooming lotuses and flying monks in your surroundings. Probably masters of the past comprehended Kung Fu in such an atmosphere. If only we could go back several centuries and find out the truth.

Facilities and living conditions 1

A good rest ensures full recovery after a training day. During your kung fu training, you live in spacious two-or three-person rooms in the new building of Master Shi Yanchen Shaolin kung fu school.

The rooms are decorated in a modern style and comfortably meet the standard of a three-star hotel. We are actively improving the living conditions, so the description on the website may differ slightly.

Facilities and living conditions 2
Girl’s room

It’s a minimalism but in it’s very best way

All rooms are cosy and have a lot of light. We have thought about everything you might need for life.

Modern and useful furniture

Every room has a big bed (some of the rooms have two level beds), chairs, bedside tables and a table for studies.

Air conditioning at every room

Comfort temperature will be maintained at your room even at the hottest days.

Take shower after each training

Imagine how annoying is the inability to take a shower immediately after a workout, and wait for the “bath day”.

In Yanchen Shaolin Kung Fu School has all the necessary modern amenities so that nothing distracts you from kung fu classes.

  • Personal bathroom
  • Hot water 24/7
  • Washing machine — open access;
  • Water cooler — in every room;
  • Bed linen — free of charge;
  • European toilet
  • WiFi is available
  • Hot water – to take a shower

These are the amenities that you are used to at home, but in China they are not included by default. Many schools offer a separate block of showers per floor, or even the entire building. And hot water is often served on schedule.

Some schools recommend renting a room at a nearby hotel to get familiar amenities. Sometimes, students at shaolin kung fu schools even have to use public baths in the city.

If you want more amenities, you can rent a room in a nearby hotel, but we do not recommend this.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a monastic ascetic, imbued with his spirit, read a prayer before eating, as we all and you will understand kung fu much more deeply than those who study in thousands of schools and live like in dorm.