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Packing Guide

Embarking on a journey to our kung fu school is an exciting venture. To ensure you’re well-prepared, let’s break down what to pack:

1. Provided with Your Course:

  • For one month program and above a training uniform is included.

2. Basic Clothing:

  • Pack extra T-shirts, pants, shorts, and sneakers for your training sessions.
  • Don’t forget a light jacket, sweaters, thermal wear, and a warm jacket for cooler evenings.

3. For Regular Classes:

  • Special shoes for kung fu classes can be purchased upon arrival for 20-30 yuan.
  • Daily essentials like shampoo and soap are available at local stores, but taller individuals may find it challenging to locate suitable clothing.

4. Summer Training Essentials:

  • Bring 2-3 sets of loose sportswear, comfortable running shoes, a sun bandana, light trousers or shorts for excursions, a couple of T-shirts, a lightweight raincoat, underwear, shower shoes, and a towel.

5. Cold Season or Winter Additions:

  • Include a seasonal jacket, fleece hoodie, thermal wear for outdoor activities, a full zip track suit, and casual seasonal clothes for your leisure time (jeans, sweater).


  • Most essentials are available at local stores, except for bed linen, which will be provided.

Pack smart, follow this guide, and get ready for an enriching kung fu experience!

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