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Daily routine

Kung Fu training: from dawn till dusk

The daily routine at any Shaolin kung fu school is aimed at full immersion in classes. The whole pastime is based on the training itself, preparation for it, rest and recovery.

However, you should not feel irritated and experience burnout symptoms. Only a happy person is focused on learning, only the right regime and a healthy diet will give you the strength and motivation to quickly improve both physically and spiritually. Days off, when you can go on a trip, are needed for a full recovery before a new week-long complex.

Training schedule in the school

At Shi Yanchen school, scheduled training sessions are held 3-4 times a day, 6 days a week. For a month of training, you achieve such progress that in your hometown is not possible before a year of measured trips to the martial arts club. When you first arrive at school, you start training at your own pace.

Training starts with a conversation between the master and the new student, during which he finds out his goals and the degree of desire for growth. After the meeting, the wizard will help you choose the mode and level of classes so that you can gently, but as quickly as possible, integrate into the General mode. Do not feel sorry for yourself, give yourself a load at the limit of possibilities.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, master Shi Yanchen will make your progress as fast as possible, taking into account your skills and physical condition. The daily routine and training schedule are designed to strengthen the body and spirit, to teach the value of discipline, patience and hard work. Of course, you can skip classes and do exercises in a relaxed mode, but then why are you here?

There are breaks for recovery between training sessions during the day. At this time, you can meditate, listen to music, read, and you can do it yourself, developing your skills. On a day off, there is no formal training, with the permission of the teacher, you can leave the school and walk in the surrounding areas, go on a short trip to the surrounding cities, or just meditate and read books on the territory of the nearest monastery.

Seasonal schedule of the day:

5:00 amWake-up call
5:15Morning training
8:30Training sessions
14:30Training sessions
19:00Evening training
20:30Sleep time

The time allotted in the the schedule for training sessions, you can spend in different ways. With intensive this is usually a training session with a master. You can also go for qigong, take up calligraphy, Chinese, or even work in the garden.

“The main goal of someone who studies here is to strengthen the body and spirit. The student must train from dawn to dusk and must not stop training every time he wants to.” 

(Commandments of martial morality of the Shaolin monastery, XIII century)

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