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Arrival guide

Embark on your kung fu journey with our step-by-step guide. From submitting your application to obtaining a visa, booking your flights, and ensuring a seamless arrival at our school, we’ve got you covered. Learn about tuition payments and the importance of medical insurance during your stay in China. Get ready to experience the world of kung fu like never before!

Step 1. Application

If you are interested in learning kung fu at our school, the first step is to register. You can do this by filling out a special form on our website. In the application, you need to provide your name, age, and other personal information. Also, be sure to indicate the period in which you would like to start your training and pay registration fee.

Step 2. Visa processing

To visit China, visa processing is required. You can do this at the Chinese consulate in your country. To process the visa, you will need an invitation from our school. We will send you the invitation after you submit your application and pay the first installment for the training.

Step 3. Airplane ticket

After obtaining the visa, you need to purchase a plane ticket to China. We recommend booking the ticket in advance to avoid last-minute booking issues.

Step 4. Tuition payment

Upon arrival in China and checking into the school, you need to pay the full tuition in cash in yuan. Please read more about currency exchange.

Step 5. Insurance

We recommend getting medical insurance for the entire duration of your stay in China.


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  1. Me llamo Aurora Iglesias y quiero tramitar reserva en la escuela para mi hijo Roberto Acebal Iglesias

    1. Dear Aurora Iglesias,

      Thank you for your message. We are happy to assist you with the enrollment for your son, Roberto Acebal Iglesias. Please provide us with the following additional information on booking form