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Shi Yanchen School is not very large and is arranged in a family-like way, as required by Shaolin traditions.

If you have decided to start your journey of studying Shaolin Kung Fu with us, please fill booking form if you have read the instructions and have any questions contact form.

How to apply for registration in the Kung Fu school:

  1. Fill out the application according to your passport details.
  2. Pay the registration fee.

Reservation is valid only upon payment of the $100 registration fee. The fee is the same for all courses. The fee is payable per person. Safely pay through PayPal and send the check by mail.

Other methods:

  1. You can choose not to submit a reservation application, but in this case, we cannot guarantee accommodation and will not be able to provide online support via email.
  2. If you are already in China and looking for a school to study Shaolin Kung Fu right now, please call us. We will prepare a room for your stay if possible and come. The school will be happy to welcome you if possible, without paying the registration fee on the day of inquiry. If you are outside of China, registration is a necessary step.

After paying the registration fee:

We will make a reservation for your preferred dates and answer all your individual questions. We will be ready to send an invitation for visa processing if required.

After confirming the reservation and making the prepayment, you can be assured that we are waiting for you, preparing the transfer, and monitoring the arrival of your flight.

Important points

  • The email address from which you send the application and pay the deposit must belong to you (you must have full access to it);
  • Once the registration fee has been paid, and we have seen it in our account, the reservation is considered complete;
  • Wait for the booking confirmation and proceed to step 2—visa processing and plane tickets.

Refund of registration fee

Please only pay the fee if you are certain that you have made a considered decision to study at the kung fu school.

We would like to inform you that the fee is non-refundable, however, you can use it within the year. This means that if your plans for specific dates change, you can always reschedule your arrival by informing us in advance. Read more: Refund policy

The registration fee is non-refundable but remains valid until December 31st of the payment year, with the option to change the arrival date.

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