How to choose a kung fu school in a Chinese monastery

Trainings in Baitusi Temple (White Rabit) Xuchang, Henan, China

Since then, as Shaolin stopped belong only to the monks and became the property of the Republic of China, as well as the object of pilgrimage for thousands of tourists, the nearby town of Danfan turned into center for the development of martial arts Shaolin style, as well as psychophysical practices: qigong, taichi and others.

Every year the number of foreigners coming to train to the walls of Shaolin grows.

Kung fu is sought by completely different people: those who are seriously interested in martial arts and Eastern philosophy, those who want to know and test themselves or are looking for their way in life, and even athletes. Among them there are absolute beginners who have just set foot on the road of studying Wushu and experienced athletes who came to improve their skills, children and adults of any age and gender.

How to choose kung fu school

In fact, any school has the right to say that “her” kung fu training is the most correct and authentic. In General, this is the way it is, you are on the land of the Great Shaolin, the only difference is in the details that can be essential. Schools with large numbers have their own characteristics that you are right to know. And so you should expect from a school of more than 500 students:

the main building. White Rabbit Temple, Xuchang city

The important thing is to find a school of your taste and character and a master with whom to begin the journey.

  1. In the first place team work, training in large groups led by a senior student or coach, not a master.
  2. Master is rarely give lessons as Director of the educational complex in the office of first-graders.
  3. Training in big clubs is put on stream, here comes good master in sport Wushu, sport trainers centers, bodyguards.
  4. These schools prepare athletes for spectacular shows “Flying monks”, whose performances are very popular for whole world.
  5. Inner work with qi and meditation is minimal, calligraphy and Chinese classes are extra charge.

If your goal is not only physical shape and unique taolu, but also spiritual growth, it may be worth considering small schools. In small schools, such as the school of Shi Yanchen, the spirit of the monastery is preserved, a warm family atmosphere is felt, training is conducted by Shifu, who from an early age was trained in Shaolin by old masters.

How to choose a kung fu school in a Chinese monastery 1

Kung fu in Xuchang city

A small school of master Shi Yanchen is located near the city of Xuchang (许昌, xǔchāng) on the territory of an ancient Buddhist monastery, some students live in monastic cells. The history of the monastery is closely intertwined with the history of the city of Xuchang — “the city of a thousand temples”, which played a major role in the heyday of the ancient Wei, Qin and Xia Dynasties.

Only in heart-to-heart training do you have the opportunity not only to learn the techniques of kung fu Shaolin monks, but also to answer on many questions within themselves.

Learning Wushu not only as a sport, but as a combination of ancient spiritual and physical practices, you will be able to find the relationship between the external and internal world, observe yourself and set foot on your own path.

What to do in Xuchang in your free time

Come and join kung fu in Xuchang city, in the monastery walls, imbued with the spirit of ancient China, immerse yourself in the difficult history of these places.

The atmosphere itself is incredibly motivating and fills with pure energy necessary to study traditional kung fu.

And in your free time (in the schedule there is always a day for rest and recovery) you can go to Shaolin: 1.5 hours by bus to the picturesque lake Pingdishan — 1 hour. Or just immerse yourself in the life of the Chinese province, where many locals have never met foreigners.

In the evening, the ancient Xuchang looks like a lively and bright Chinatown in any country of the world: gold and red lanterns, neon lights, delicious smells.

The railway line of high-speed trains passes through Xuchang, so you can easily and quickly reach almost any city in China to continue the journey.

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