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  1. Hi, I would like to join your school kids and parents .experience 1 month Tagou Shaolin.please give me your adress In shaolin

  2. Hi my name isRaymond, I am from America. I am very interested in your school and would like to ask 2 questions, I would like to attend March 2020. Could I reserve attendance 1year in advance? On top of base rate are there other teaching expenses that could increase my learning ability, such as personal lessons? The small group training sounds best for me because I have no prior kung fu experience.

  3. 你好師傅嚴妍辰。我的名字是康斯坦丁,我今年27歲。我來自俄羅斯,我住在雅庫茨克市。我想知道是否可以在免費的基礎上與您一起長期學習?我想住在你的學校,學習功夫藝術。