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  1. Greetings,
    Reading your site it seems the your school shows great concern for your students. I do not have any prior Kung fu experience. I really would like to learn Shaolin Kung Fu. Can a new student with no prior experience in 1 year at your school achieve western Black belt level skills?
    Raymond J. Monroe

    1. Dear Raymond J. Monroe,

      Thank you for interest in my school. I’m very happy to see new people interest in Shaolin kung fu. In shaolin kung fu the most important opponent is yourself. I was never learn another martial arts and dont know what means black belt skills. The skill of my student growns every year, every month and every day only because we practice for 10 hours dayly.

      I want to be clear with you, shaolin kung fu don’t appreciate martial arts for fight only for defence. If you have interest in shaolin kung fut and you dont have any martial art background in my opinion you must to try in even if you think my school is not suitable.

      Shaolin kung fu is grow your self.

      Shifu Shi Yanchen

    2. Здравствуйте а из Москвы сложно к вам добраться ?

      1. Здравствуйте,

        в общем случае если мы рассматриваем ситуацию как добраться из России в школу кунг-фу, то однозначно можно сказать не сложно и вот почему.

        Во первых до ближайшего аэропорта в городе Zhengzhou где располагается наша школа, есть самолёты лишь с одной пересадкой. Например из Европы самолёты летают только с двумя пересадками.

        Более подробно с маршрутом вы можете в этой статье, если у вас будут вопросы не стесняйтесь продолжить диалог в комментарии.

  2. Hello Shifu, Iam a kung fu Shaolin practitioner, and I have been practicing for four years in a school of my city.
    But now i would like to expand my knowledge, I would like to learn the Chinna, the Qi gong, the use of traditional weapons, with their applications and methods of attack and defense, and also a bit of healthy nutrition, and knowledge of herbs and language Chinese.
    so I would say if your school is really a tradictional Kung fu School.
    Thanks in advance Shifu

    1. Dear Gabriel! Thank you for your question. I find it as good, succinct question.

      All of what you say I have experience. I can help you to learn.

      So what does traditional kung fu already philosophical question. In the form of as you ask me. See for yourself who can identify the real oil in the car or fake? The seller will say that the oil is real. He may be right, but only by taking advantage of yourself will you learn the essence. I’m not a salesman or manager of Shaolin art. I’m his heir. Knowledge of master comes to his student. We say like: From master to master, From heart to heart. I suggest you trust your feelings and just come to China. Anyway I’m very happy to see your question on my page.

      If you decide to join us; you can use email. Have a good day