How to prepare for the trip to Shaolin Training Camp

подготовка в жёстким тренировка в стиле кинозвёзд

It is better not to prepare, but if you are focused on training and maximum benefit, then the most important thing for you is not to overdo it. A healthy, but overworked body here will be less productive than an unprepared, but full of energy.

Dress code for trainings

For sports, of course, loose cotton clothing is required. We will provide one free kit of the clothes. In addition, you can take with you warm clothes such as a jacket because the weather can be cool in the mornings. You can buy sports shoes here, in school, paying just 30 yuan per pair. Such shoes will definitely hold out for a month, or even more, but just in case, bring your favorite sports shoes. In general, if you come, what is called “empty” – you won’t get lost, don’t worry.

If you are traveling for the first time

For those of you who will face Kung Fu trainings for the first time and / or for those who have low physical training, all you need is to come here and trust us. We will help, we will work together on your specific needs. There are no contradictions for practising Shaolin kung fu, because it has no limits.

If you know why you are here

If you are in good physical shape, then for you the learning process will pass faster (studying forms, preparing for competitions).

Choose what you want

If you want to visit Shaolin and our school for your development, then the visiting is a new experience in itself. You are prepared already and that’s enough for now.

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