Taiji classes for health and longevity

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The approach to the treatment of diseases in Western and Eastern medicine is fundamentally different. If in the West usually study and treat a diseased organ or organ system, in the East the disease is considered as a violation of the balance of Yin and Yang energies. And to restore health, Chinese doctors consider it necessary to return the body to a state of balance and allow the vital energy of Qi (气 qì) to flow freely through the body.

In English, there is no complete analogue of this word. In Chinese philosophy and traditional medicine, the vital energy of qi is the driving force of all processes in the body. Stress, sleep disorders, bad news, destructive thoughts have a negative effect on human health, lead to the loosening and imbalance of all internal systems and the emergence of diseases.

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The yield and recovery of the Eastern medicine sees it, is to bring the mind into balance and to clear himself from excessive experiences and cyclical thoughts.

The secret of Taijiquan’s popularity

This beautiful style of Wushu is now popular as an effective Chinese gymnastics for health improvement, which is based on Taoist and Buddhist philosophy and follows the laws of nature. Taijiquan for beginners is aimed at restoring health and improving physical fitness and resembles physiological gymnastics, which has no contraindications.

After mastering the initial special techniques and techniques are gradually introduced into the training program of the course, helping to master Taijiquan as a martial art. Tai Chi guy is capable of almost imperceptible short movement to break thick boards, directing energy in necessary place.

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The rich history and variety of complexes and styles make traditional Taichi accessible to everyone, regardless of age and level of physical fitness. You can achieve perfection all your life. But its meaning is not in conquering sports heights, but in daily training, leading to the highest degree of harmony of thoughts, breath and body.

Relaxing the body and mind is not easy, as it seems

Shaolin and Chinese classes Taoist Taijiquan require the highest concentration and concentration on the exercises, control over the coordination of movements of the hands and feet, as well as the entire body as a whole.

Just like kung fu, Taijiquan training is internal work that leads gradually to external work form changes (taolu). Seeing, at first, only the form (taolu) and repeating follow the master, trying to make them as similar as possible in appearance, you gradually changing on the inside. Channels through which the life energy of qi moves, clear. This heals your body and provides a resource for feeling happy and harmonies.

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Under the guidance of the Master, you learn to relax the body and mind, to remove muscle spasms and chronic tension, and gradually get rid of the clamps both physical and mental. All these exercises lead to the fact that energy channels are opened and the pure free energy of qi is accumulated, which is used by the body to restore the balance of Yin and Yang, and, as a result, to heal the diseased organ.

Taiji classes they are practiced in traditional Oriental medicine clinics around the world and are recommended not only for patients, but also as preventive measures to preserve health, high performance and maintaining a high level of quality lives of people of any age.

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By regularly practicing taiji you will:

  • restore the balance of Yin Yang in the body
  • increase the mobility of joints, it helps extend the spine
  • correctly distribute the load on the joints and the skeleton is important for the health of internal organs
  • improve posture
  • get rid of the manifestations of degenerative disc disease: headache, stiffness of movements, and so on.
  • normalize blood pressure
  • regulate the free flow of Qi energy

Combining internal relaxation and external tension in one movement, Taijiquan helps achieve the main goal of a healthy body and a long life with regular classes.

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