Training kung fu style and important principles

Training kung fu style and important principles 1

Where to train? Is it enough for mastering kung fu to find a master In my city? How to train correctly? Does the price of kung fu training depend on master level?

If you are studying materials about our school, trying to take deciding where to train, then you know that Shaolin kung fu is not a fitness and not just a complex of martial arts.
The Shaolin exercise System consists of three levels of training: physical аctivities, work with energy and achieve inner harmony.

Training kung fu style and important principles 2

The principles of physical work in kung fu

  • The main methods is precision, speed and skill, not physical strength. The Craftsmanship is achieved by a long and rather monotonous work on oneself. Training strength, we think about agility. Training accuracy, think about speed and opposite;
  • Increased endurance, ability to distribute forces during training, proper nutrition throughout the day, provide an opportunity to practice the techniques and exercises as much as you need;
  • All techniques are based on natural movements of body, worked up to automatism. It is important not to learn hundreds of different techniques, it is important to repeatedly perform each. One movement, worked a hundred times, more effectively hundreds of different techniques performed mediocre;
  • For success practice requires Coordination 6 main pairs of joints: palms-feet, knees-elbows, shoulder-thigh. The secret of effective execution of receptions-the work of joints and tendons, but not muscles. Stretching is an important part of the practice;
  • Kung fu training includes fist techniques, grabs, throws, sweeps, chains of gymnastic exercises (taolu);
  • An important part of training is mastering different types of weapons: as basic (stick, sword, Sabre, Halbard, daggers, chains, etc.), and all items that may be at hand;
  • In any attack there is an element of protection, in protection — there is always a vector of attack. Exercises and techniques are aimed at achieving superiority in combat rather than an external effect.
Training kung fu style and important principles 3

Control of Internal Qi Energy (气, qì)

  • You open channels to circulate internal energy and learn how to manage it. The Basis of all trainings with internal Qi called Qigong;
  • The combination of rest and move, tension and relaxation is the basic principle of achieving qi balance. At rest — accumulate, in motion — throw energy;
  • Any exercises in kung fu aimed at the general improvement and harmonization of the body rather than destruction and devastation. The purpose of mastering the martial art: the extension and enrichment of life;
  • It is the skillful use of qi energy that helps to reveal the unusual abilities of masters: the impact of the energy wave at a distance, “sticking” to the surface, “hovering” in the air during the jump.

The Spirit of Shaolin is wisdom, strength and concentration

  • Gain control over your thoughts — gain control over your body;
  • Calm your mind to be able to achieve mastery in kung fu practice;
  • Do not let the conflict cloud your mind, turn your opponent into a partner to merge with him and win.
Training kung fu style and important principles 4

Clear the consciousness, and then be able to direct the energy Qi to the right place. Controlling the energy — managing the body.

In Shaolin There are no external differences experienced students from beginners. Even The Master outwardly does not differ from any student: there are no special stripes, badges, colored belts. The Master does not seek to appear above the disciples, devaluying or underestimating their achievements. The Unattainable authority of deeds, deep knowledge and modesty in self-expression make it those who want to follow, who want to be like.

Kung fu Training at Shi Yanchen’s School

In our school there are no preparatory and advanced groups, everyone is engaged together. The Master can give advice and pick up suitable exercises for you, but in general you have one task: to Do the exercises qualitatively, without sparing yourself, sometimes at the limit of opportunities, but not harming the body.

Sometimes you do all the exercises of the complex in full, sometimes not — the main thing is to use all the resources, and then there will be new ones. The Source is endless, and you will take as much of it as you can.

In training, it is important to observe a friendly atmosphere, the students support each other, it gives strength. There is no competition: you compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to other students.

As for the price of kung fu training, it is determined for each the value of what you get. Only when you try it yourself, you will be able to understand: expensive or cheap you got the knowledge and skills.

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