Training Wushu in China

Training Wushu in China 1

Wushu is an umbrella term for numerous Chinese martial, folk, and ritual arts. A literal translation from the original is always very difficult because of the philosophical and historical overtones, and complex concepts are rarely deciphered unambiguously.

The term “wushu” ( 武术 wǔshù) consists of two characters “Wu” (武 ) for “military, martial” and “shu” (术 shù) for “technique, art” and shows a wide range of martial arts schools and martial styles, practices with and without weapons, pair fights, ritual dances and rites. Wushu is also understood as numerous psychophysical energy practices: qigong, meditation. Wushu is also understood as numerous psychophysical energy practices: qigong, meditation.

The variety of styles and forms, the richness of techniques and techniques make this art accessible to students of any age and training. Wushu training schools are common throughout the world, you can easily find the right section in capital city for children or adults. The main thing is to find an answer to the question – why do you actually need it.

Your goal—to know yourself and your limits, to join the centuries-old Eastern culture—choose traditional wushu.

Want to participate in competitions under certain regulations, get titles—choose a section of sports wushu.

Traditional Shaolin Wushu (Kungfu) classes

The wushu (kungfu) style of the monks who lived in Shaolin and their followers, Shaolin Quan, includes a set of physical and spiritual practices and activities:

Training Wushu in China 2
  • The physical aspect: jumps, movements, jumps, long extended movements, the use of traditional weapons, complex technical bundles and forms (taolu).
  • Spiritual component: qigong, meditation, breathing practices, concentration exercises, calligraphy, traditional Chinese medicine.

Initially, the monks didn’t welcome, and didn’t approve of the contest possibility.

Traditional forms (taolu), long, thoughtful, meditative, filled with qi, not quite in the format of sports. The study of fighting techniques is aimed at ensuring that a person is able to counterattack and disarm his opponent with lightning speed, rather than at the visual effect of the spectacle of battle. Therefore, in the arsenal of traditional wushu there are techniques that are forbidden in classical sports competitions: blows to energy points, lymph nodes, throat, eyes, elbows, neck.

Nevertheless, competitions in traditional wushu periodically take place. They were arranged in ancient times as well, for example, in the form of competitions for candidates for high military positions.

Now the championships are held in the form of festivals, theatrical fights, demonstrations, when schools and clubs from around the world gather to demonstrate their mastery of the body, weapons, synchronized teamwork.

Sport Wushu and Preparation for Competitions

Sports modification of wushu was created in China by refusing dangerous techniques from the permitted arsenal of martial arts, standardization and unification of exercises, development of rules and regulations.

In the process of creation western coaches were involved to develop and incorporate elements of gymnastics and athletics into wushu techniques.

Training Wushu in China 3

The development of wushu in the world has reached such a scale that in the coming years the Olympic Committee plans to include this sport in the program of games, and there is no doubt that this beautiful and technical sport is waiting for an explosive success.

As a harmonious sport, Wushu is always recommended for children, it develops simultaneously almost all the physical qualities: strength, flexibility, endurance. Sharp lunges, jumps, combined with smooth movements of complex amplitude.

The techniques and movements (taolu) form connections between the right and left hemispheres, affect the development of fine and large motor skills, improve coordination and develop the vestibular apparatus.

Lots of stretching exercises, bends and balances, all of which make the joints mobile and the ligaments strong and elastic and allow them to withstand heavy loads.

Sports tournaments, competitions and championships are held in all age groups in different disciplines. The most popular:

  • Wushu taolu. It consists of complexes of movements of different styles of traditional Wushu with bundles of acrobatic and gymnastic elements. Group and individual competitions are held.
  • Sports Sanda. Composed of a modern Chinese martial arts sport, conducted in the form of hand-to-hand combat.

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