The Qigong. What is it and why it useful

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The history of qigong as a harmonious complex, promoting healing and prolonging life, counts more than 1500 years. It is believed that the treatise on breathing techniques and exercises for the concentration of the consciousness has left the father of Zen Buddhism, the Indian monk Bodhidharma after 9 years of meditation in the Songshan mountains near Shaolin. Quite a long time this method of 12 exercises was kept secret and was equated to 72-m secret knowledge of Shaolin.

“Qi” and how it affects health

The qigong is based on two the concepts of “qi” and “Gong”. In the context of Eastern psycho-physical practices, “qi” (气 qì) in Chinese philosophy and traditional medicine life energy, the driving force of all processes in the body. This energy can be good and bad, depending on their “quality” effect on human health. Practicing Chinese qigong, can accumulate and improve the quality of their qi and guide its flow to the patient body, thereby healing him forever. Body can resist the disease itself, and there is no mystery.

Sources of qi life energy for the body


Our body spends a lot of energy to artificially created lesions voltage: ligaments, joints, muscles. Load on the skeleton is not balanced due to a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, stress. If you learn to relax, the body will cease to send energy to maintain tension, will be able to accumulate it and pass the mental effort necessary zone — for example, to the diseased organs to restore them.


Attention to your body and internal “journey” of consciousness helps only to diagnose the diseased organ, but also increase blood circulation, to increase metabolic processes in the right place. Driving attention and consciously directing it to areas of accumulation of Qi, you can learn how to redistribute the flow energy and a beneficial effect on health.

Biochemical material: hormones, amino acids, various types of cells

In qigong practice many systems are aimed at stimulating the endocrine system, in order that the body itself produced the necessary amount of hormones and amino acids to normalize and balance and feed their Chi.

What is “Gong”

As for the term “Gong” (功, gōng), the most close in meaning to it is the word “work.” This is intentional body workouts that lead to conscious activation of mechanisms of self-regulation and management of its resources for the control of vital energy of qi.

This is the meaning of qigong (spelling: qi gong, chi kung, or chi gung) (气功 qìgōng) — to understand the internal mechanisms of and resources and to learn to consciously control them.

How to practice qigong

ancient image where a Taoist monk practiced with the energy of qi

The whole system of qigong exercises in China, based on the fact that everything necessary for the harmonious functioning of the body people ALREADY have. Under the guidance of a teacher you get to know yourself and reveal his mind and body. The complex is built on a unique principle and suitable for person of any age and health status, to engage in this exercise it’s never too late.

The entrance to practice is gently and of course. When you start to practice, the brain immediately perceives changes, and body is already starting to work differently and to feel the effect:

  • the skeleton and internal organs are set in motion and in the right position thanks to the special breathing and static postures;
  • ligaments and joints are strengthened and stretched gradually;
  • the spine becomes more flexible due to twisting and deflection

The best time to workout

Qi circulates freely and you notice the external effect: stronger sleep faster sleep, feel improving energy enough for all scheduled cases. Outdoor activity stimulates the internal changes.

What are the differences between Shaolin qigong

According to ancient manuscripts and ideas about qigong: morning is the best time to update qi, the evening — to use. Day qi should be retained and accumulate. Shaolin monks start training qigong with the emergence of the first stars and early in the morning when they vanish. In the most peaceful time of day when the birds do not sing, and nothing around disturbs the peace of the body.

Qigong is an integral part of training kung fu Shaolin monks. In the methods of work with life qi energy has two phases:

Shaolin qigong exercise complex to strengthen joints and tendons
  1. Concentration and control of the movement of qi inside the body
  2. Art releasing qi out, use it in training kung fu

Distinctive feature Shaolin qigong — a large number of static postures and balances. In first is the “standing tree” (zhan zhuang) — the basis of all the equipment.

The Qigong. What is it and why it useful 1

In the course of exercises consistently met 4 principles:

  1. Peace absorption inside. Removal of irritants, soothing thoughts.
  2. Relaxation body, calm smooth movements
  3. Uniformity, smooth breathing rhythm.
  4. Consistency rhythm training. The combination of discipline and natural movements of the body.

The skillful combination of all the principles under the guidance of experienced teachers will help you learn how to manage the Chi-life energy and resources of the organism, will lead to peace and longevity.

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