Shaolin monk answers most searched questions

Shaolin monk answers most searched questions 1

Can Shaolin Monks marry?

Shaolin Monks are not allowed to get married. Other Shaolin disciples who are not ordained can live a normal life

Can Shaolin Monks fly?

We can jump higher. We can have higher skills, but its impossible to break away from the gravitational force of the earth. This is impossible.

Shaolin Monks can jump higher?


Can Shaolin Monks walk on water?

Yes, there are some water running kung fu, but he can’t walk on water for a long time

Can Shaolin Monks fight?

That’s for sure. Because every move, every stance, every punching form and every weapon of Shaolin kung fu originated from actual combat. All of Shaolin kung fu has been tested in reality.

Can Shaolin Monks be female?

In the past. Temples did not allow men and women to live together. Because if there were female monks, it would be necessary to arrange different accommodation, and other things will need to be separated. Later due to kindness of Buddha, they allowed women to become ordinated and become monks

Can Shaolin Monks have hair?

Hair for us in fact it is a burden, hair also represents worry. If you shave your hair off your worries should be much less. Yes, you can try it

What do Shaolin Monks eat?

We are all vegetarians. Vegetarianism is the tradition of monks. Being vegetarian helps us be healthier. Also when we only eat vegetables. We kill less

Shaolin Monks do on daily basis?

We will practice kungfu every day, go to morning and evening classes, chanting sutras. Of course, we also have other courses to enrich our minds. We also learn English

You guys practice English?


What do Shaolin Monks believe in?

 Our faith is, of course, Buddhism

What do Shaolin Monks drink?

We drink water, tea. We can also drink juice, except for alcohol, except for stimulants. We can drink the rest of them.

There is a form in shaolin kung fu, called the Drunken Form. Where does that come from?

The Drunken Form – form is about free flowing actions, not a drunken mind. You don’t actually have to drink to practice the drunken form

Do Shaolin Monks lift weights?

We more often train with natural materials, for example, we will use stones and wooden sticks. Basically we will use traditional method

Do Shaolin Monks still exist?

If I’m sitting here then we exist

Are Shaolin Monks Buddhist?


Are Shaolin Monks celibate (don’t have sex)?

Everybody needs to control their desires, through meditations we make ourselves whole and we eliminate our desires in this area. A lot of people chase things they shouldn’t chase or they chase the wrong things. This causes them a lot of pain. We can’t let desires control us, we need to be in control of ourselves

Are Shaolin Monks strong?

The strength we seek is actually in two areas. On the one hand we want a strong body, on the other hand we want a strong heart. Inner strength is true strength

Are Shaolin Monks superhuman?

I think you shouldn’t ask this many questions. I cant expand on each one. This will cause a lot of misunderstanding. Yes, you may understand it. But I’m giving only 20% of the answer, if you carefully consider it we can continue

Why do Shaolin Monks meditate?

We’ve talked too much about this before. Simply put it’s a practice

Why do Shaolin Monks have dots?

The dotting practice is a traditional form a long time ago. It represents our intention and firm belief. But now we don’t promote this anymore, because it causes more physical pain to our body

How do Shaolin Monks withstand pain?

You don’t need to overcome it. You just need to accept it.

How do Shaolin Monks sleep?

We all go to bed early and get up early. We follow a time schedule made be the temple

How do Shaolin Monks break bricks?

This requires practice day after day, year after year. And there is a specific training methods. Lets skip this questions It feels pointless answering these

Why did you choose to become a monk?

This is a not real choice. I was just following my heart, I didn’t plan to become a monk, because I was just a 8 year-old boy, I didn’t know, what being a monk meant. I was more interested in learning the best kung fu at Shaolin Temple. Later after so many tears of study, exercises and life. I felt very natural to become a monk

Following heart is a good way to live life?

This is a good way, following our heart requires a certain foundation of practice. If you don’t have very stable mindset a very stable practice, it may not be clear for you, whether it is following your heart it becomes a very big problem.

What is the biggest I need to improve on in my practice?

For young people. Its very hard to have a calm heart. You tend to have a very restless heart. A heart full of desires, a very passionate heart. But it is also very valuable quality of youth

Master Yandi

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