Lessons from Jet Li

Момент из фильма герой с участием джета ли

In 2006, the actor with his inherent directness announced that the film “Fearless” will be his last tape, entirely shot in the genre of martial arts. He explained that after 40 alone to keep tricks two hours of screen time is difficult, which means that the audience will not see the real Jet. Now his role as a dramatic actor with his fists (so you saw Jett at the “the Expendables”).

Well, for his thirty-year career in film, he did for martial arts as much as other actors did not dream of such a role. And he still answers the questions of life honestly.

Lesson #1

Humility is your main defense

The enemies around you breeds your desire to puff their own egos. I’m not special, I just spent a lot of time on martial arts. Now I show what I can do. There are many people in the world who can do the same.
Jet Li

Lesson #2

Harmony is more important than strength

I’m sad when I think I’ve only shown how martial arts hurt people. I didn’t get a chance to prove that the most important thing is not a fight. This is the knowledge of the harmony of Yin and Yang, the balance between black and white. Only by knowing the harmony, you’ll be great.
Jet Li

Lesson #3

Happiness is always with you

For happiness is not necessary to go somewhere far away, it is here-in a quiet lonely room. All your problems are concentrated in your heart, so you just need to study yourself. We need to figure out who you really are. If you know your own world, you won’t have to be afraid anymore
Jet Li

Lesson #4

Someone else’s opinion of you only background music

Treat the assessment of others as a song from the receiver:
– “You’re awesome!”
– “You’re amazing!”
– Tam-pam-pam.
– “You jerk!”
– Tam-pam-pam.
If evaluation of others excite you more than your own opinion of yourself, you have a problem.
Jet Li

Lesson #5

Death gives you life

I’m ready to die. If a person understands that he can die even today, even tomorrow, he begins to appreciate every moment. And he cares about every moment of his life, so if he dies tomorrow, he won’t be ashamed of his last deeds.
Jet Li

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