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I’m ready to come right now.

If you are already in China and looking for a school to teach Shaolin kung-fu right now, email us so we prepared the area in the room your stay and come. The school will be happy to receive you.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yanchen’s school is not very large and is arranged as a family, as is tradition of Shaolin.

If you decided to start your journey of learning kung fu from us, please inform through the form of reservation on the website, or just write a letter  to hello @

We will arrange the booking at a convenient for dates and will send instructions for payment and further steps, and specify your clothing size to prepare a set of convenient form for classes.

After the reservation has been confirmed prepayment you can be sure that we’re waiting, prepare the transfer and are watching the arrival of your flight.

In General scheme of reservation and payment of the course

  1. You send a request indicating dates of arrival and departure and waiting for confirmation to the specified email
  2. Once you receive email confirmation, you Deposit through a transfer of 16,6% of the course fee to the account PayPal (PayPal), putting mail school [email protected] in us dollars (USD). Detailed instructions you will get back the letter.
  3. The remainder you pay on the day of arrival in Renminbi (RMB or CNY — both spellings are correct).

Important points

  • Email that you send the application form and pay the Deposit should belong to you (you have to have to it full access).
  • Once you have made a Deposit, and we saw him in his account, the booking is considered perfect.
  • Not to be mistaken in the amount of the Deposit, wait for confirmation booking, calculation and further instructions by e-mail.

Deposit amount is calculated manually, based on the ratio of the rate of the yuan to the dollar (see example below).

Example of calculation of the amount of the Deposit for the course for 1 month

The cost of the course 1 month is 6,000 CNY, then

16,6 % = 996 CNYThe amount of the Deposit
6000 – 996 = 5004The remaining amount to pay on arriving
996 CNY = 148 USDAmount in dollars (USD) for transfer to the PayPal account

You came to school. The final calculation. ATMs

It is important to know that in China the system of master and visa for payment work. Maps of these systems can only be used for cash withdrawals through an ATM. Poet card payment the school is not possible by definition.

Please note, credit cards Master, Visa and other payment system in Europe and the USA do not work in China. Don’t count on using them.

What to do?You can withdraw money from ATM Deposit cards. If possible, take multiple cards of different banks and use ATMs or China Bank ICBC China Bank, that do accept foreign cards.

You can bring cash, but not in China always easy to change dollars, euros or rubles. Be prepared for the fact that the process of exchange, usually accompanied by expenditure of time and filling additional securities.

In there is a special exchange where you can change any amount, just make sure that you have enough cash to get to us.

You can buy Chinese yuan in the your home city, to withdraw from an ATM or exchange dollars at the arrival Xuchang or in Dengfeng. We, in any case, will advise and help you.

You can pay the balance in foreign currency.

The return of the Deposit

Please pay your Deposit only if you are sure that make an informed decision about school of kung fu.

We caution that the Deposit is not returnable, but unlimited. It acts throughout life. This means that if you have changed plans on specific dates, you can always change the day of arrival tell us at least three days before the booked date.

You can change dates as many times as you need until you really are ready for the arrival in our school of kung fu. We call this condition: an endless non-refundable Deposit

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