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Helpful vocabulary sentences

Print it out and take it with you to show the locals in search of the road to the next point. The first phrase is the most universal, it will fit in any case. It says the end point and my phone number. If it is not exactly in the middle of the road, use this template:

in Englishin Chinese
I’m looking for the way to the temple of the White Rabbit in the city of Xuchang to find the Shifu Shi Yanchen. Here’s his phone number 13838323510, Could you call him to ask me what to do next? Thank you! 我要去汝州市东高速口找延晨师父,他的电话13838323510,你可以帮我给他打电话吗?非常感谢!

At Beijing railway station

This phrase is suitable for you to use at the airport on arrival in China, and directly at the station to find the ticket office:

in Englishin Chinese
I want to go to Beijing railway station and than to Ruzhou city, Henan province. Tell me please where I can buy a train ticket? Where can I buy a train ticket? 我要去北京西火车站,然后去河南省汝州市,请问在哪里买票做火车?
In Zhengzhou city
in English in Chinese
I want to go to Xuchang city. tell me, please, where can I buy a bus or train ticket? 我要去汝州市,请问在哪里买票公共汽车票或者火车票?
Взять такси в городе Сюйчан
in English in Chinese
How much will cost a taxi to Shaolin kung fu school of master Shi Yanchen? 我要去汝州市嵩山少林延晨武术学校,坐出租车多少钱?

Here is such a short auxiliary vocabulary, as you can see at every big traffic junction you know how to speak to the locals.

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