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Weather and climate

Ruzhou, China – Detailed climate information and monthly weather forecast | Weather Atlas

When is the best time to come to Kung Fu school in China?

The school is situated in Ruzhou, which is located in the central part of China, Henan Province. The nearest airports are Zhengzhou city and Luoyang. Dengfeng city and Songshan mountains are a 20-minute drive away which is much closer as we was before in Xuchang.


Spring mornings are cool, the temperature during the day is 13 ° C … 26 ° C, it rains rarely. This is a great time for training: it’s neither hot nor cold. You can watch the plains come to life after winter, spring flowers bloom, the scent of flowering trees spreads in the air.


Summer is rather dry and hot, the daytime temperature is around 30 ° C, and at night 21 ° C … 27 ° C. The rains are heavy but short-term, there are no puddles on the ground.

Summer is a good time for training, but you might need a few days to get acclimated. Keep this in mind, especially if you are going to come for a week. This is a great time for stretching. The joints also get used to the loads much faster in hot weather than in winter.

It is especially hot and stuffy at lunchtime, so the time of the daily rest is increased compared to other seasons. We get up at 5 am for jogging.

Life in a real village, surrounded by picturesque green landscapes, where wheat spikes in the fields.


The beginning of autumn is quite warm and comfortable, the daytime temperature is about 25 ° C. By the end of November, the temperature drops to 7 ° C, there may be frosts at night.

It doesn’t rain much. In general, the season is great for training and jogging. Classes are held outside, we rarely train indoors.

The rave of autumn colors, wonderful golden and crimson shades of tree foliage make an unforgettable impression. Morning foggy landscapes also look very picturesque.


Winters are rather cold and damp + 3 ° С … 5 ° С. Due to rains, training is often held indoors. Humidity and low temperature do not allow muscles and joints to warm up well. You need to wear extra thermal underwear.

Perhaps winter is the least suitable time for beginners to practice Kung Fu. If you already have training experience, it may be useful for you to temper yourself in such difficult conditions.


The school holidays are from mid-January to February 15th.

During this period, everyone in China rests. Students go home for the New Year to make dumplings with their parents.

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