The Truth Behind the Shaolin Monks’ Marrying Restriction

The Truth Behind the Shaolin Monks' Marrying Restriction 1

Introduction: What is the Shaolin Monks’ Marriage Restriction?

The Shaolin Monks’ Marriage Restriction is a rule in the Shaolin Temple that prohibits monks from getting married.

The rule has been in effect since the time of the temple’s founder, Dalun (达论; 518-577). The rule is not well documented, but it is believed that it was meant to provide stability for the monks’ lives by preventing them from giving up monkhood.

The Shaolin Monks’ Marriage Restriction has created many discussions about marriage and relationships between men and women. Some claim that the restriction leads to unhappy marriages because people are not aware of what they want or need in a relationship until they get married. Others say that it can be seen as selfishness on behalf of monks who are content with their lives without families

The Shaolin Monks’ Marriage Restriction is an ancient rule set by the temple. The intent of this rule, is to avoid the shaolin monks from being married and distracted from their training.

This rule still exists today for monks who are training within the temple’s walls to keep them away from distractions that marriage may bring.

How Does This Affect The Lives of Shaolin Monks?

With the advancement in technology, life is becoming increasingly easy for people. But what about monks? Will they be left behind?

For centuries, Shaolin Monks have been revered for their skills in martial arts and as some of the best athletes. In recent decades, they have been seen as a more as a tourist attraction as opposed to a fighting force.

Conclusion: Is it time to reconsider this rule or not?

This is a question we should ask ourselves. A lot of people see this rule as some sort of a commandment and many more people follow it without thinking twice.

We shouldn’t think about this rule like it’s some sort of eternal truth or commandment. We should look at it critically and think about the benefits and drawbacks.

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  1. distracted from their training? Or distracted from their original intent, of living the monkhood, which is Buddhism?

    1. Articles here are aimed at readers of all skill levels. I think in essence you understand that a true monk is not distracted by anything. Clever question, Thank you